Where To Get A Family Protection Dog

With the rise in public crime, personal protection dogs are a hot topic right now. Many families are thinking about bringing a personal protection dog into their homes and lives. Dogs can be wonderful companions and provide us with endless amounts of love and cuddles.

Still, a properly trained dog can do all of this while also protecting your family's health and your property, often without the dog even touching a potential intruder. The keyword, in this case, is "trained." An untrained family protection dog, or any dog for that matter, can be a pain to keep and can even disrupt interpersonal relationships, including marriage.

Why Does Your Family Need a Protection Dog?

According to FBI crime statistics, over 1.2 million violent crimes and over 6 million property crimes were reported in 2019. This reinforces why security is a must and why you should take steps to protect yourself and your family. Getting a protection dog can help mitigate these security concerns.

A protection dog can be an excellent addition to any home, especially if you have children. They eliminate the need for potentially dangerous firearms and provide more effective protection than alarms. Family protection dogs are intelligent by nature, and they are always eager to learn new skills and tricks and show them off to you.

Contrary to popular belief, protection dogs make excellent family dogs, serving as both companions and living security systems for you and your family that you can take almost anywhere. A well-trained dog will be calm enough to be handled by children and obedient enough to take orders from important family members to whom they have been bonded.

They are not aggressive dogs, as aggression is usually the result of fear. When they detect a genuine threat, they are often calm, collected, and determined to protect. They will not assume that everyone and everything is a threat as long as they are properly trained.

Can They Be Family Pets?

You might be wondering if protection dogs can also serve as pets for your household. As long as the dog is the right breed, it can provide affection and protection to all members of the family. A family protection dog should be properly trained so it won't perceive anything as a threat. They could otherwise attack a friend or family member.

Early socialization is essential for a successful protection dog. As puppies, they must be taught to be at ease in their surroundings and protect their owners without attacking or barking at their friends and family. A trained protection dog will cost more, but it will provide better protection and require less reinforcement.

Selecting the Right Dog Breed

You should be aware that not all dog breeds make excellent protection dogs. Certain breeds are better suited to guarding your home and family than others. It is always best to select a dog breed from the following list: 

  • German Shepherd 
  • Cane Corso 
  • Doberman 
  • Belgian Malinois 
  • American Bulldog

These breeds have been selectively bred due to their intelligence, agility, obedience, and responsiveness. The best protection dogs make your life easier by providing admirable companionship, affection, and loyalty. Each breed has distinct features and characteristics. As a result, before selecting a dog that meets your family's needs and lifestyle, you must conduct a thorough analysis and comparison. The protection dog you select must have a commanding physical presence. It should be intelligent enough to deter potential intruders.

When selecting a protection dog, the temperament of the dog is also essential. Dog breeds like the German Shepherd are agile, resilient, and quick enough to neutralize a threat when necessary. When interacting with you and members of your family, these dogs also know how to turn off any aggressive behavior.

It would be best if you found a dog who can perfectly balance multiple roles, such as protector, companion, and playmate. Top-tier dogs can tell the difference between family and work time. When selecting a guard dog, you should look for this trait. A dog's temperament is influenced by a number of factors. Breed, conditioning, lineage, and training are the most important factors. It would help if you searched for a well-trained dog with the right temperament to meet all of your requirements.

How Much Should You Set Aside?

Safety is priceless, but you should consider how much you can afford before getting a protection dog. A trained protection dog can range from $15,000 to $100,000. Going to a lower-cost breeder may result in an overly aggressive and unmanageable animal.

Where Can You Find a Protection Dog?

Below are some useful tips you could use to find the best protection dog for your family.

  • Search for Trainers or Organizations Online.

Hundreds of private citizens and small businesses train and sell protection dogs. Use keywords like "buy family protection dog" "family protection dog for sale" to find them. Then, make a list of all the top returns and check their websites for signs of credibility. Look for professionally designed websites and avoid any websites with spelling or grammatical errors. Trainers or sellers who have client testimonials on their websites should be prioritized.


Remember that your goal should be to have a well-trained protection dog that obeys commands rather than attacking any perceived threat at its own volition. A protection dog is more than just a family pet who barks at strangers; it is also an investment. So, instead of spending money on an alarm system, keep your guns for target practice or hunting. Why not get yourself a protection dog that will provide you and your family with endless amounts of joy and companionship while also providing you with the peace of mind that you deserve?

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