What to Expect from A Protection Trained Dog

Dogs are animals of different attributes. Some dogs are excellent climbers, while others are excellent sniffers. Regardless, most dogs you see today showing man has trained exciting skills. The same applies to protection dogs. Protection dogs are dogs trained to protect an individual, a group of individuals, or properties from harm or threats. While many people often see all dogs as protection dogs, it is essential to know that only specific dogs can be used for protection.

How Are Dogs Made to Protect?

 In the United States, protection dogs have become quite popular. Due to the rise in violent crimes, people have adopted dogs to help derive security from them. So the question remains; how do protection dogs operate?

Protection dogs are important for three things; alarming, attacking, and defending.


Milwaukee, April 2021. Stanley, 13, and Eddie, 17, tested positive for COVID-19 and were instructed to self-isolate at home as they only experienced very mild symptoms. Eddie felt better a few days later, even if he still tested positive for the virus. On the other hand, Stanley was beginning to show some more symptoms. He became extremely clumsy and lay in bed all day.

After consultations with the doctor, it was agreed that Stanley should be admitted into the hospital. It was about 6 in the evening, and Mrs. Williams, Stanley and Eddie’s mother, had just finished making dinner. Just as she was about to take the food to Stanley’s room, news regarding the Coronavirus was being broadcasted, and she was keen to get to the end of it. While in the sitting room, Tyson, the family’s Rottweiler, tried to save someone’s life in, Stanley’s room.

Since catching Covid-19, Tyson has helped provide Stanley with companionship. Tyson has been in Stanley’s room for more than 6 hours, and he couldn’t wait any longer to leave. However, the door was jammed, and all he could do was wait for someone to open it from the outside. So Tyson sat there, hoping Mrs. Williams came to the rescue.

While he waited, he noticed Stanley was no longer responsive. He hopped on the bed and made very loud barks, hoping to see some sort of movement. When his efforts were looking useless, he changed his strategy and began dropping every breakable he could find. With this, Eddie, in the other room, was alarmed, and he opened the door to see what was going on. The sight was scary. There were broken bottles everywhere, blood stains from injuries sustained by Tyson, and an unconscious brother. He quickly rushed to Stanley’s attention, and the sounds of sirens filled the atmosphere in no time. Today, Stanley is very healthy, all thanks to the efforts of Tyson. 

Almost every dog today will bark when posed with threats. This way, an SOS message can be decoded. 


You must have heard of one or two tales of dogs helping to ward off criminals and burglars. Sometimes, dogs don’t just bark when faced with daring situations. Sometimes, they attack. So many protection dogs today have come in contact with situations that require drastic actions, which could include attacking the threat. While dogs are usually friendly, welcoming, and loving, they can sometimes be vicious when they or someone they care about is threatened.

In Podgorica, Montenegro, a stray dog attacked a mugger after pushing a woman to the floor and trying to steal her purse. Even without knowing the woman, the dog was still keen on protecting her. After the incident, the criminal was left with bruises from dog bites on his legs and backside. This dog had no training but could still detect a dangerous situation and protect the woman.


Dogs can defend by helping you stay away from damning situations. Protection dogs, in particular, are dogs of high sensitivity and accuracy. With this, they can help sense danger and, in turn, prevent you from going into one. In Cape Town, South Africa, a dog has prevented the arm of a factory worker from experiencing the terror of a factory saw. In Merseyside, England, a German Shepherd has taken a bullet for a site worker returning from work. Dogs are incredibly loyal to man, and sometimes, they can do anything literally to stop the occurrence of havoc.

What Makes a Protection Dog Distinct?

Not all dogs can be trained for protection. It is because protection dogs are fearless, strong, and sensitive. Like the Siberian Husky and the Labrador Retriever, Breeds are less vocal and more accommodating, even to strangers. With this, they are often not used as protection dogs. It is essential to know that all dogs possess some attributes of protection dogs. However, possessing just some characteristics isn't enough to be a protection dog.

Attributes of A Protection Dog


Even when scared, protection dogs do not show it. They are keen to defend against even the biggest threats.


Being territorial is a very important trait for protection dogs. When a dog is territorial of its surroundings, it feels threatened when a stranger intrudes on that space. Examples of territories include the house, at work, or even around the owner. A dog who doesn’t care when its space is threatened might not be a very good protection dog.


Protection dogs need strength to be able to ward off criminals and intruders. From their look to their bark, a protection dog ought to pass the message of being able to maneuver its way even in difficult situations.

Controlled Aggression

This is what differentiates a protection dog from a guide dog. A good protection dog should maintain its composure and attack only when very necessary. Most times, a single bark will do the trick.    

Physically active

Protection dogs are playful and highly active. This means that idle and lazy dogs are bad protection dogs. Laziness and a sedentary attitude have no place in a protection dog's temperament. When a dog loves long walks and playing fetch, that dog can be ready to spring into action when the need arises.

Dogs are amazing pets. If you seek more than just companionship in selecting dogs, then a protection dog might just be best for you.

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