What Makes A Good Personal Protection Dog

A dog is considered a man’s best friend for many valid reasons. They are loyal companions, and they remain faithful to you no matter what. They are highly intelligent, and they form bonds with their owners that are stronger than what humans do with each other in most cases.

And in most cases, your dog is not just a pet that sheds fur and plays fetch with your child. A dog's benefit goes beyond that, and one such good example is a personal protection dog. A dog whose sworn duty, for lack of better phrasing, is to protect you and the people you love. Sounds fascinating right?

These dogs have innate attributes that make them good protectors. You will get to see them later on in this article. But before then, note that not all dogs can serve as personal protection dogs which is why we are creating this particular post to help you figure out what exactly to look for when searching for an excellent personal protection dog.

  1. Breed
    The very first thing you should look out for is the breed of the dog. Dogs are beautiful and love-filled creatures, but not all breeds can handle being personal protection dogs. Technically, some dogs are too weak, too small, or too relaxed to be protection dogs. On the other hand, some dogs are too wild, strong, or large to be personal protection dogs. So deciding which breed to get is the first step. Since your needs might be specific, it might be a good idea to contact a breeder who knows their onions, so you do not end up getting a breed that is too much work or, and this is even worse, a breed that cannot possibly serve as a personal protection dog.
  1. Mild Aggressiveness
    We know what must be running through your mind right now. I want to get a dog for protection, so it should be aggressive, right? It isn’t necessarily true. While it is okay for a personal protection dog to be aggressive towards intruders and strangers, if a dog is too aggressive, it might end up turning on you and your family, especially if you do not know how to keep it in check.

    The trick is in finding a balance. If you notice that a dog you have set your eyes on is too hostile, you should check out other options. But then, you should also make sure that the dog can get aggressive when it feels threatened. If a dog cannot protect itself, what are the chances of protecting you?
  1. Intelligence
    You might not want to believe it, but dogs can be extremely intelligent creatures, and intelligence is a quality to look out for for a while looking for a personal protection dog. A clever dog is very easy to spot. They are not easily distracted, and they always have a keen look in their eyes. They train focused stares at any subject that catches their attention and are observant. These qualities make them very easy to train and groom for their duties.
  1. Loyalty
    What is a dog without loyalty? Dogs are always thought of as loyal creatures, but this is not necessarily the case as loyalty is an acquired trait. It is also an essential trait in personal protection dogs. They are supposed to be willing to give their life for you, and the level to which they are motivated to do this is very much dependent on how loyal they are to you. Since loyalty is an attribute they learn, it is up to you to build the dog's loyalty to you. Treat him like a member of your family, and he will treat you like family. Make sure that a small reward accompanies each hallmark of loyalty they cross, and very soon, you will have a very possessive dog that can fight to the death beside you.
  1. Playful
    Is your dog playful? Nothing screams a bad protection dog than a dog who mopes around. Your dog should be playful, whether you are present or not. Playfulness in most dogs is directly proportional to alertness, and a dog that is not alert is not a good personal protection dog. They are easy to train because they are more open to the concept of receiving orders.
  1. Territorial
    Dogs tend to be territorial, which is even more necessary in personal guard dogs. They should be wary of unknown visitors and should alert their owners as soon as possible. When a protection dog feels its territory is being encroached upon, they become aggressive. This ability to switch on their aggressiveness makes them a good protection dog. 
  1. Alertness
    I almost didn’t bother mentioning this particular trait because it should be a given. Your dog is blessed with heightened senses. They can hear and smell stimuli a long time before said stimuli are evident to the human senses. And as it is the job of your protection dog to protect you, they should be alert enough to provide a warning early enough as soon as they sense danger. An alert dog is easy to spot if you pay close attention. They are always taking notes of what happens around them.

In summary, while getting a personal protection dog is a very good idea, there are a lot of things you should pay attention to. It is also important to know that you and the dog build the relationship between a dog and its owner. Like a famous dog quote says, “we don’t have bad dogs, just bad owners.”. If you are still confused about how to pick the right protection dog for you, then it might just be a good idea to talk to a breeder. A good breeder will consider what you need and what your environment looks like, and then they will recommend the perfect dog breed for you.

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