What Kind Of Dogs Would Be Best For Kids And Protection

Any dog can be counted on for loyalty and love. I mean that is why they are called man’s best friend. But what if you're also seeking a dog with protective instincts? Many families want to get a dog that is good with children and can be trusted to keep the family safe. Families, especially new ones with growing kids are always on the lookout for dogs that will not only serve as a loyal, loving pet but also as a form of protection for their children. They are looking for that dog that would wallow in playful abandon with their kids this minute and growl at the mean-looking stranger the next minute.

Well, if you are a parent looking for the best dog that would serve as a playmate for your kids and also provide them and the rest of your family with a level of protection, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you are going to get an inside look at what exactly to consider when getting a protection dog for your kids. We will also show you some of our top picks in this category so stay with us.

Factors To Consider When Looking for A Protection Dog for Your Kids.

When considering which dog to buy, you need to take into consideration a lot of things, about the dog and about your family. First of all, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many children do we have?
  • Are we going to have more children in the future? Is this breed preferable for older children or little children?
  • Can we maintain a dog that needs grooming on a daily or weekly basis or sheds?
  • How much time do we have to commit to training a dog?
  • Does this breed of dog require a lot of obedience training?

Now when you are done answering these questions you might have found a very good dog for your family, but then before you take the dog home, there are a few things you should definitely find out about the dog. Experts have said that to find the perfect dog for any function, there are three factors to consider:

  1. Temperament

This is the dog's character. You should look for someone with a pleasant demeanor. A calmer dog, for example, can build strong ties with your children and be a wonderful companion. And it is important that you know that temperament is very much independent of size. You can find a cute small dog that could easily rip a doll's head off. Make sure to speak to your local dog breeder about the temperament of the particular breed of dog you are considering.

  • Size

Like I mentioned before, looking at the size of a dog as an isolated factor can be very deceiving when it comes to choosing the right protection dog for your kids. Both temperament and energy level should be considered while determining the size of dog you want to get. Some larger dogs are more docile, while some smaller dogs are more energetic. You might get a small dog in the hope that it would be the right fit for your child only to have them draining your child of energy. Size is important but it should always be put in perspective.

  • Energy Level

This is a personal choice for your family. Be honest with yourself about the lifestyle you can give a dog who requires more exercise than the usual dog. If you can't meet a dog's demands, his extra energy can lead to behavior issues later on. So when choosing a dog, it is important you take a look at your lifestyle and see if it matches the energy level the dog you want to get requires, Since the dog is also for your kids, a dog that is too exuberant might not be the best choice as your child might find it hard to keep up.

As you are looking for a dog that is appropriate for kids but also good enough to serve as a protection dog, you should look out for the following qualities.

  • Can easily adapt to a family and a child’s needs
  • Responds to training
  • Alert
  • Loyal
  • Protective instincts are evident
  • Athletic

Choose a dog breed that is known for loving children but is suspicious of strangers. As your children grow, they will almost certainly have friends who will come in and out of your home, therefore a desire to protect any youngster is required to keep your children's friends protected from your watchful guard dog.

After your family has determined the requirements they would want in a pet, look for reliable rescues or breeders in your area. Ideally, especially for family guard dogs, a breeder should choose bloodlines based on health and temperament. Before choosing a puppy, find out if the breeding dogs live in the house with the family and spend some time with the litter's parents to get a sense of their temperament and demeanor.

Some Of Our Favorite Protection Dogs for Kids

Now that we have looked at all the factors you have to consider, let us look at our top picks for protection dogs that are suitable for kids. Now this list is not exhaustive, and the dogs listed might not be the best for you, so you might still need to talk to a breeder to find out which breed matches your family's needs.

  1. Boxers

Boxers are energetic, playful, and devoted dogs. They are one of the most preferred breeds for families with kids because of their protective attitude and patience, and they take their position as watchdog and family guardian very seriously. Although always alert, boxers are not easily frightened dogs and will not bark unless provoked, relying instead on their amazing ability to distinguish between friend and foe. Their short, lustrous coat requires little maintenance, but they do lose some hair and must be exercised regularly because of their insatiable energy.

  • Bullmastiffs

These huge dogs, which were originally intended to repel poachers, are often calm, fearless, and trustworthy, making them a wonderful breed for protecting your family. They also have a natural feel of who belongs on your land and who doesn't.

  • Doberman Pinschers

Doberman pinschers have an elegant body build and are often alert, courageous, loyal, and obedient dogs. In the safety of their own surroundings, they are typically silly and laidback, yet they can spring to attention in a second, making them a strong contender as a protector and friend for your children.

Choosing a new pet to add to your family can be thrilling but planning ahead is essential if you want to find the right dog for your family. A family-friendly protection dog can be a great addition to your house, providing you with protective companionship and peace of mind.

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