What Is The Most Difficult Protection Dog Competition

Dog competitions have become somewhat of a rave recently. There is a dog competition for every kind of dog and dog lover. Dog competitions provide a fun opportunity for dog breeders, groomers, and everyday dog lovers to learn about dogs and meet other dog lovers. There is something for everyone, and they have been going on for a while now. There is The National Dog show, which is the most popular and is televised all over the nation on Thanksgiving and there are even popular shows for people that love caring for dogs, like groomers. And recently these dog shows seem to be growing in popularity.

But what about protection/guard dogs? Are there any competitions made for them? Well, even protector dogs are not left out. There are competitions out there that are meant to specifically test all the qualities of a good guard dog. Some of the qualities these competitions test include:

  • Trainability
  • Obedience
  • Working willingness
  • Tracking
  • Bite work e.t.c

There are a lot of protection dog competitions out there. There is the very common Schutzhund which is dominated by the German shepherd breed. There is also the French ring and the Belgium ring which bear a close similarity to the Schutzhund. However, although these competitions are tasking and provide a high level of fulfillment for the dogs and their owners, they are not the focus of this article. In this article, we are focused on the most difficult and most fulfilling protection dog competition of them all. And with all certainty, we can tell you that the dog competition you are looking for is the Mondioring dog competition.

Mondioring Dog Competition

Mondioring is an FCI-approved international dog sport that was created in the late 1980s. During the process of creating this competition,  representatives from all the major countries that have a competitive dog sport were involved. The 'new' sport was created to "level the playing field" by allowing athletes from all across the world to compete in a single sport without fear of being left adrift. There were representatives from the French Ring, Belgian Ring, IPO (SchH), and KNPV. The result is Mondioring, a sport that incorporates the best aspects of all of these dog games. It is a game that truly tests everything that a protection dog is made of.

Mondioring is a difficult sport in which the handler's talent, the dog's training, the dog's intelligence, and the dog's natural qualities are all demonstrated and tested. The goal is to find the best among the best protection dogs in the world.

Since the initial trial in 2000, mondioring has gained gradual popularity in the United States. Several full member clubs, as well as a number of lesser clubs, are sprouting across the country. Trials are held on a regular basis and offer the chance to win titles in this intriguing sport. Mondioring titles are well-known all over the world. A dog with a Mondioring title to its name gains the respect of dog owners all over the world.

Mondioring, like most protection dog sports, involves a sequence of exercises that the dog/handler duo must complete in the areas of obedience, agility (jumping), and protection. There are 17 exercises in all at the Mondioring III level, each lasting about 45 minutes if completed without interruption. A unique feature of Mondioring is that a dog who has earned a title in another protection sport, such as French Ring or Schutzhund, is allowed to compete at the same level in Mondioring as it has in its home country.

The exercises that are involved in Mondioring are:

  • Heeling
  • Food refusal
  • One minute absence
  • Retrieve
  • Sendaway
  • Positions
  • Littlewood
  • Scale Jump
  • Hurdle Jump
  • Long jump
  • Defense of the Handler
  • Face attack
  • Flee Attack
  • Stop Attack
  • Accessories
  • Search and Escort
  • Object Guarding

Mondioring's obedience test is built on functionality, with the emphasis on maintaining control despite distractions. Mondioring's jumps put the dog's structure and willingness of the dog to work to the test. The competition's protection phase necessitates a high level of control from the dog. Throughout the trial, a Mondioring dog competes without a collar or leash of any form at each level. They are left entirely to their whims putting the animal's control to the test right away. The dog must be clear-headed and have outstanding character due to the complexity of the trial field and the demands of extreme control. This competition is structured to test their endurance and control at every turn. Because of this fact, the game is broken down into three categories. This is to make sure that some dogs are not outclassed by the rest and to provide an equal playing ground for all dogs alike. Because of how difficult some of the tests are, not all the three categories can compete in them. For example those in Category 1 known as beginners cannot participate in the little wood test, the search and escort test, and the face attack with accessories. It gets even tougher further into the competition as only those dogs in category 3 (advanced) can compete in the flee attack with stop, and guard of object tests. All this is to ensure the safety of the dogs and the decoys and to make sure that every dog has a fair chance at the price.

Each contest is centered on a theme, similar to a field theater. On the competition field, props, scenarios, and distractions are strategically set. While the exercises are the same from competition to competition, the order and setup will vary depending on the judge's ingenuity. Because no two contests are ever the same, it's impossible to train a dog by rote and therefore the credibility of the competition is maintained. Mondioring is considered the most difficult protection dog competition because and since it is a worldwide competition, the dogs that make it to the top are considered the best of the best. This gives the game the acclaim it has. And because of the way the games are set up, it is very difficult for unsportsmanlike politics to interfere with the competition.

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