What is the Best Family Dog for Protection

Adding a beloved animal or a pet to your family comes with a lot of benefits. Not only do the children have a new playmate, you would be delighted to realize that you have also gotten a protector for your family. This is why a dog is one of the best pets to have.

A dog can be a wonderful addition to the family, providing happiness, warmth and even protection to everyone. It could be the missing connection in the family union.

However, the function of a dog as a protective member of the family is a very delicate one. So delicate that it is necessary for it to be properly trained and guided on how to go about this task. It could be terrific to see your family dog giving an unwanted miscreant a run for his life but your dog barking unrelentingly at your new lover or a distant cousin who has come to visit is as embarrassing as it is annoying. It is not really easy for dogs to tell the difference between a welcome stranger and an unwanted stranger. 

Needless to say, for you to get the best protection services from your family dog, you need to train or have it trained and conditioned properly. This is of grave importance. There is also the need to socialize your dog in order for it to become conversant with the members of your family and regular visitors. These steps will go a long way towards ensuring that ugly incidents of your dog biting the innocent neighbor next door or barking at your colleague from work does not happen or is at least greatly minimized. 

Expert dog trainers have in addition to the above tips on choosing a dog as the protector of your family advised that there are certain breeds of dogs to choose from when deciding on what is the best family dog for protection.

In this piece, we have come up with the top breeds of best family dogs for protection to enable you to make a wise choice. If you are ready, let's check them out.

The German Shepherd

Dog and pet experts in general have extolled the excellent characteristics of the German Shepherd as a family dog for protection. This dog breed is popular as a soft family pet. Physically, they look very powerful, imposing in stature and muscular. They are brave animals who cannot be easily held down. Little wonder why they are the favorites of the police and armed forces who take them along in their line of work. 

Before getting a German Shepherd as a family dog for protection, be sure to do a background check on the origin of that particular dog and its history. This will help you make a wise choice on whether or not to go along with purchasing the dog.


This is the dog breed that readily comes to the mind of many when the question of what breed of dog will do well as a family protection dog. The qualities of this breed of dogs include: intelligence and courage. They can perform a variety of functions around the house from fetching to herding and carting. 

These dogs love to play a lot and thus it is important that you take them for frequent walks and exercises. Because these dogs are inherently protective by nature, socialization is important for them to  enable them to decipher and differentiate between a stranger who poses a threat of harm and a mere newbie to the house.

Doberman Pinscher

This dog is very athletic and this means that you would have to exercise it ever so often. This will not be a difficult task as the Dobbie– as most owners fondly call it– are very lively dogs that are intelligent and easy to train. They have a very menacing demeanor that frightens off petty criminals and the likes. 

It is very important that when bringing in a Doberman to the house to be a family protection dog, you get a professional trainer for it to ensure that it masters the basic qualities of loyalty and obedience. Failure to do this could lead to unfavorable occurrences as the Doberman can prove to be a very dangerous breed of dog if not well trained and monitored.

Bull Mastiff

A blend of the Bull dog breed and the Mastiff, the Bullmastiff is an intimidating dog. It is described by many dog trainers as being strong-minded. This means that to properly train and socialize these dogs, you need to start early when they are still very little pups. They rarely bark but are sure to swing into action at the slightest detection of danger. 

However, the intimidating and menacing look of a bullmastiff must not be incorrectly interpreted to mean that all bullmastiffs are protective dogs. Training for a bullmastiff can not be overemphasized. It needs training to serve well as a family protection dog.


A boxer is a very active dog that loves to play and frolic in spite of its intimidating and fearsome outlook. To keep this dog happy and willing to perform its family protection duties, you would need to take it for regular training and exercises like walks and playing in the park. 

The playful nature of the boxer does not in any way undermine its ability to serve well as a family protection dog. It is sure to give an unwanted miscreant a good chase and attack on command.


Other breeds of dogs that are excellent as family dogs for protection are the Great Dane and the Giant Schnauzer. Experts continue to emphasize on the need to give proper training or get a professional trainer for any dog that you want to bring into the family. It is not enough that a dog is adept at warding off bad guys and barking at strangers, if the protective prowess of a dog is not channeled in the right direction through training and socialization, it could spell trouble for the dog owner and family. Necessary research and questions about the history and origin of the particular dog is also requisite to getting the best family dog for protection.

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