What is a Good Dog Breed for Protection

Protection dogs are all canines that are trained and conditioned to provide security to their owners. When you have these breed of powerful and fearless animals, you can sleep with both eyes closed, rest assured that your personal security and that of your family is in the best paws.

The importance of protection dogs cannot be overemphasized– they let you know when a visitor or stranger is at the door and they are the first to sniff out the most undetectable subtle threats of danger. They serve as excellent security compliments for your electronic and non-electronic security infrastructure. Moreso, these animals are not just ferocious beasts, only good for barking and biting all the time. No, they are one of the most lovely creatures one can ever come across. The ideal protection dog knows when to be a buddy too to its owners. It obeys every command and showers undivided love on its owner and family. 

Of great importance in owning a protection dog is the need for proper and regular training as well as familiarization. These factors are key to ensure that you get the best from your security pals. You must understand that while these dogs are inherently great protectors, they need you to guide them in the way you really want them to go. They already have the protection instincts but it is important that you condition them to know what to do and what things to avoid doing. Obedience, devotion and intelligence are key characters you must groom your protection dogs to imbibe.

With a ton of dog breeds out there, even those whose ancestry cannot be traced, it can be a confusingly difficult task to choose which dog breed that is best suited for the security functions you desire. Not to worry, we have got you. In this piece we shall be revealing the best dog breeds for protection.

Certain dog breeds have proven over the years to be excellent protectors. Here are some of the dog breeds that you can choose from if you have decided to get a dog for protection. Let's paw in.

Cane Corso

If you are not its owner, it is almost impossible to believe that this breed of dog can be lovable or fond of anyone because of the scary and menacing confidence they carry about them. These dogs are also very much on the big side weighing 100 pounds on the average. The name 'Cane Corso' means 'bodyguard dog' in Latin. This is a pointer to their ancient Roman origin. This breed of dog requires lots of exercise and training as well as socializing.

Giant Schnauzer

These dogs are called giants owing to their size which is about that of a young pony. This breed of dogs are very strong, smart and are absolutely devoted to their owners, showering them with lots of lovely licks. They enjoy frequent exercises, long walks and playing in the park. They are also very gentle even with little children yet they are a bad guy's nightmare.

Bull Mastiff

These breed dogs are inherently born protectors. This is evident even in their physical stature which gives off a scary look about them. They socialize very well once familiarized with your family and other pets in the house. Their intimidating size and ferocious manner scores high points for them in an encounter with a villian. The mere sight of them instills fear in the heart of an unwelcome intruder, warding such a person away.

Doberman Pinscher

Intelligence, power and loyalty are lofty qualities for which the Dobermans are known. In addition to these, they are loving and cheerful dogs when they are with their owners and family and they love to play a lot.

Belgian Malinois

These dogs possess all the basic qualities that protection dogs are known for and even more. They are very energetic and hardworking, always ready to fetch and obey. They are fast learners too thus it is easy to train them and get them to socialize with the family. These are some of the reasons for the increasing demand for this variety of protection dogs.

German Shepherd

These are terribly powerful dogs that are known to be very obedient and loyal to their owners. They are also fast learners and quickly adapt to new environments. They are popular especially on the screen as they are a movie maker's favorite. These dogs are also very useful as detectors, little wonder why they are always acquired by the police and other security operatives for detection of hidden drugs, contraband items and explosives! When they are not warding off danger or sniffing out hidden illegal items, these dogs are excellent playmates who love to exercise and take long walks.


The rottie as it is fondly called by some owners is a lovely companion to its owners and a scare to unwanted bad guys. This dog breed is popularly feared on account of its aggressive nature but even this can be maximized to your profit as a Rottweiler dog owner. What is needed is proper training– and you may need a professional dog trainer for this– as well as regular exercises to ensure that the dog gets used to you and your family and provides you with the protection you want.


The dog breeds discussed above are some of the top dog breeds that serve as expert protectors for their owners. Their security prowess has been testified to by different dog owners and trainers alike from across the globe. Be rest assured that you would get the needed protection you paid for when you acquire any of these breeds of canine guardians

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