What Dog Is Good For Indoor Home Protection

I remember a friend who wanted to get a dog for indoor protection. He made a considerable investment and got the wrong type of dog, a Pomeranian puppy! Those cute little angels make beautiful pets, but they do not rank that high when protecting. He got another dog and kept the puppy as a pet for his children.

Now don't get me wrong. A Pomeranian puppy is not a bad dog, and I am glad my friend had the money to get another dog, but the truth is a Pomeranian puppy is not a good dog for home protection.

Yes, all dogs can be groomed into obedience, and by nature, dogs are wired to be loyal. But being a good protection dog goes beyond these innate characteristics. There are a few things you should be looking out for when looking for a protection dog for your home. And while cuteness and beauty are an added advantage, it is not reason enough to buy a dog if you are looking for a protection dog. So I am here to help you find the best options for your protection dog while providing you with the knowledge on what exactly to look out for when making your choice.

What To Look Out For When You Are In The Market For An Indoor Protection Dog

Certain qualities make a protection dog what it is. These qualities are not found in other breeds of dogs, so they would not function properly as protection dogs. Paying attention to these qualities will get you the best protection dog you can find out there. 

  1. Playfulness
    The trait is extremely important if you have children or looking to get a protective dog your family can get along with. Getting a playful dog makes training them very easy for you and them. It increases their alertness and keeps them eager to do their job. Do not forget to reward them for good behavior.
  1. Loyalty
    As much as we like harping on the loyalty of dogs, loyalty is an acquired trait. And it is a trait that a protection dog has to have. A protection dog is meant to put you and your loved ones above all things. It would be a real waste if they were not loyal enough to carry out their responsibilities. Your dog’s desire to protect you comes from its level of loyalty to you. Dogs are very sensitive creatures and would not put themselves in harm’s way for you if they do not feel enough loyalty. You have to train your dog and hone this particular trait. This does not mean that you should work your dog and not show it any affection.

    On the contrary, treating your dog with the same love and affection, you show family members will make them feel at ease and more disposed to trust you. It will also make them eager to protect you because they see you as their family. It is that familial love that builds loyalty.
  1. Alert And Aggressive When Needed
    Your dog should be smart enough to read the room. Your dog should be ready to respond to any form of stimuli. The most important fact to take note of is their response to strangers. Your dog must harness their heightened senses and alert you if there is any form of danger. They also must take prompt action with or without command from you.

    Your dog should not be highly aggressive, but it should be aggressive enough to carry out its duties. A dog that is too aggressive might turn on you and your family. Finding a dog with the right amount of aggressiveness and the smarts to control it is the key to finding a good home protection dog.
  1. Intelligence
    We do not expect to see brilliant dogs, but a protection dog should be intelligent. They are usually quite easy to spot. They will have that bright sparkle in their eyes, and they are capable of staying focused no matter how distracting their environment might be. They are easy to train and have very high concentration. They will respond to any stimuli from the people they consider as family.

Perfect Dogs For Indoor Home Protection

Let us now look at some of the dogs we consider perfect for you and your home. However, you must keep in mind that how good a protection dog is, depends hugely on the dog and your relationship with it. These dogs listed here have the foundational traits for a good home protection dog.

  1. Belgian Malinois
    We love this particular breed of dogs because they tend to retain many of their qualities as puppies. They are energetic and full of life. They are always eager to please and are one of the most loyal breeds of dogs you can find. Due to their inherent protective nature, they’ve been used as guard dogs and personal protection dogs for decades.
  1. German Shepherd
    The only reason why this dog breed is not topping this list is that they tend to shed a lot and hence provide you with extra work. This dog is playful, intelligent, and has the highest obedience and loyalty levels among other dog breeds. Its strength is also unmatched, making them very good candidates for protecting your home from the inside out.
  1. Bullmastiff
    This dog is known as the silent watchdog. They tend to slobber a lot, but if you can get past that, then an investment in a well-trained bullmastiff is probably the best decision you could make. Their heavyweight build and over-protective nature make them good personal protection dogs for your home. However, they can be challenging to handle, so they might not be a good idea if this is your first rodeo.

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