Custom Trained Private Protection Guard Dogs Ready For Your Family

Our goal is to provide dogs that are of the highest quality in protective services that you can experience. Whether you desire a dog for competitive sport, or a new member of your family, our rigorous standards will ensure your new canine is the envy of other dog owners. Our dogs come from some of the best breeders in the world.

We offer shipping and delivery anywhere in the world at the buyers expense with a 1 week course with the trainer to go over everything.

Our dogs also arrive with health certificates from the vet. 

We offer the following two levels of Pre-Trained Personal Protection Guard Dogs

Guard Dog


These dogs are perfect for people that are on a budget and want the presence of a protection dog but don't necesarrily need full protection.

On Leash Obedience

Advanced Off Leash Obedience

Basic Protection Work Biting A Sleeve Or Suit

Bark On Command

Out On Command

Kennel Trained

House Trained

Executive Protection Dog


This is our Prestige Executive full trained protection dog. It's tested in all different protection scenarios and can be custom tailored to fit your specific needs such as home protection, estate protection etc.

On/Off Leash Obedience

Advanced Protection Work

Bark on command

Out on Command

Guard On Command

Search House, Building, Perimiter For Intruder

Kennel And House Trained

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Our Prestige Protection Guard Dog Health Guarantee

Certified Hips & Elbows

Our dogs are tested to ensure there are no potential issues with bones or joints that could compromise its protection service abilities.

Full Cardiac Testing

Relax knowing that your dog does not have any cardiac ailments.

Eye Testing

Ocular health is tested to make sure vision problems will not interfere with your dog’s protective abilities.

Skin & Coat

A healthy lifestyle for our dogs makes for pristine coats. Your dog will be checked for any dermatological issues, as well.

Proper Nutrition

Premium dog food and an attention to your future dog’s diet prevents many future potential health problems.

Mental Health

Our dogs undergo important mental health screenings to rule out any behavioral disorders.