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Prestige Protection Dogs For Sale go very quickly and are in high demand from clients worldwide. Please contact us directly to schedule your appointment!

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Because we want just the right fit for you and your needs, Prestige Protection Dogs have the ability to locate and train Protection dogs not listed here. Let us know if you need assistance locating a personal protection dog for sale.

Why These Protection Breeds?

Over the years we have found that Belgin Malinois (mal-in-wah) and German Shepherds have what it takes to be a well rounded protection dog. Many people know these breeds as being used as Police K9’s and in the military. These incredible breeds have nerves of steel and are highly intelligent. What we look for in a potential Personal Protection Dog is a dog that has that same confidence and wit.  More importantly than that is determining how they will do well in a household setting. Not every Malinois or Shepherd is capable of this. At any point in the training process we may determine a dog is not going to be a good fit for our program. Our duty is to provide our clients with the best possible companion not only for their safety but also for the benefit of the dog as well. Dogs with too much drive or aggression may be better suited for K9 work or Detection work. We pride ourselves on taking the time necessary to get to know these dogs inside and out. They are in our home, run errands when we do, hike with us, and overall get a great experience with us while they are waiting to find that perfect forever home. It is during this time we are able to see their personalities, quirks, and overall temperament. What we do is like no other training out there! Have More questions about protection Dogs? Visit our FAQ!