How Much Does A Protection Dog Cost

How much are you willing to pay for your security? Rich people who value their safety are ready and willing to pay whopping sums to achieve the peace of mind that comes with quality security. Sometimes, quality security may translate to buying astonishingly expensive dogs that may cost an arm and a leg.

These animals could be your cuddle or play partner in one minute and in another they are causing mayhem to a baddie.

What are Protection Dogs?

These are dogs that are trained and conditioned for the sole purpose of providing security for you and your family. They are able to ward off and disarm violent trespassers. With these animals, you can sleep with both eyes closed, rest assured that they would keep off any malicious intruder or hold them down till security operatives arrive and take control of the situation.

Is it Safe to Have a Protection Dog in Your House?

A well-trained protection dog is deemed to be an assurance of safety for its owners. Upon its introduction and familiarization with your family, the protection dog takes on the dual functions of friend/play mate and protector.

Having a violent looking protection dog that is capable of causing great harm in the house, is an idea that does not sit well with some people. Indeed, this is a valid cause for concern. However, a family or personal protection dog is not necessarily an unbridled ferocious animal.

A properly trained protection dog knows when to attack and when to calm down. It obeys the owners and owes total allegiance to them. These dogs are intelligent and thus know how to treat family members and how to treat strangers.

How Much Does A Protection Dog Cost?

A protection dog is a mobile defender that doubles as a great companion. They can attack or stay still at the mere command of their owners. Their presence alone is a sound warning for malicious intruders to keep off. On the whole, they give joy and confidence to their owners who feel safe with them around.

For protection dogs to perform all the above functions and more, they require frequent and continuous quality training to keep their protective skills red hot. It costs a lot of money to keep a protection dog in tip top shape and even more to buy one.

Indeed, the price of a protection dog could be a discouraging factor for potential protection dog buyers. There are different prices for different protection dogs. However, the average protection dog costs about $45,000 to $70,000 with the average sales price being around $50,000.

Different factors account for the steep cost of protection dogs. One of them is the skill of the dog's trainer. If the dog was trained by a well known and highly sought after dog trainer, the price for it is most likely to be on the high side when compared to the cost of a dog that was trained for protection by a not- so- well- known trainer.

The cost of protection dogs can be a pointer to the level of their efficiency and effectiveness. It also reflects the quality of training that has been given them. 

Therefore, while you may be drawn to get the less expensive protection dogs because of their low cost, keep in mind that they are not as effective or well trained as the more expensive ones. Expensive protection dogs can cost up to $70,000 but will provide you the much needed safety that you desire.

This does not mean that there aren't well trained protection dogs that you can get for as low as $30,000 but the more expensive varieties are sure- fire safety pals. There are protection dogs that have been sold for as much as $230,000.

Other factors that affect the cost of a protection dog include the pedigree of the dog, that is, if it is from a revered or highly acclaimed or sought after breed, its age and whether the dog has won any awards.

Who Needs a Protection Dog?

Protection dogs are not only useful to private homeowners or for personal protection. Dog trainers report bountiful sales. The question then is who buys these dogs?

A good number of people other than those named above have different uses for dogs. Business establishments and public institutions also use dogs for protection. While most of these establishments have sophisticated alarm systems, security video cameras and even human security officers, they still buy protection dogs that will sniff out and attack bad guys who are able to circumvent these security frameworks, like sneaking in through the corners where the surveillance camera does not cover. Moreover, while a human security guard will naturally be on the lookout for himself, a protection dog throws caution to the wind and plunges violently at an unwanted intruder, completely disarming such a person.

On the jaw-dropping cost of protection dogs, one protection dog owner, Gall, who has over 4 of the four- legged security pals said that she knows that they are expensive but you can't really put a price on safety.


With the increase in petty crimes, sexual harassment, mugging and so on, the need for protection dogs has risen. More people and organizations are acquiring dogs to complement their already installed security systems. The cost of procuring these four- legged security operatives has been found to be generally expensive with some of them costing as much as a whole house! Yet, dog lovers and people who prioritize their safety and security are not backing down.  Dog dealers keep smiling to the bank because even though protection dogs are very expensive, people who understand the value of security like Gall, will tell you that you cannot really put a price tag on safety, meaning that safety is of immeasurable value. Besides, it is smarter to spend as much money as you can protecting something, like life or a rare item of immense value which you know that all the money in the world cannot restore if you lose it or it is damaged.

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