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8 [Mind-Blowing] Truths About Giant Schnauzer Protection Dogs

They save their owners from lightning? They save children from the ocean? They help police catch bad guys, and they fight in wars? Without question—Giant Schnauzer protection dogs are one of the best guard dog breeds on the planet.


But we don’t expect you to believe it just because we said it. So, we’ve got some examples for you—as well as a sneak peak into what it’s like to own a Giant Schnauzer protection dog yourself. You’ll get answers to questions like:


What makes Giant Schnauzers such great protection dogs? Where did they come from? Can they back up their bark with a bite (bite strength)? What’s their personality, intelligence, and demeanor like? Are they good with children?


So, get ready for a fun and exciting trip into the world of Giant Schnauzer protection dogs!

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Now, let’s get to the fun: Giant Schnauzer protection dogs!

1. Are Giant Schnauzers Good Protection Dogs?

Giant Schnauzers are renowned for their naturally protective instincts and ancestral prominence as a guard dog. With proper protection dog training, these dogs make excellent personal protection dogs, guard dogs and even family protection dogs.


These protective pups will stop at nothing to keep their owners safe, and they’ve saved countless lives throughout their history. They have a past of success in Schutzhund (protection and attack dog training) and have been employed in the police and military.


And there are many tales of the Giant Schnauzers’ protective capabilities. For example, Monty, a Giant Schnauzer living in Cornwall, dragged his 64-year-old owner (and Mayor of Redruth) home to his wife after he was struck by lightning during their daily walk.

(The Giant Schnauzer, Monty, seen below with his owner)

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

Another Giant Schnauzer, Betzi Boo, has saved her owner’s lives and property multiple times. Betzi protected her male owner, Mark Brow, by pulling him out of the way of a falling tree when he was completely unaware. The tree missed him by mere feet!

Betzi Boo and Mark Brow (above). Image from thesun.co.uk

Betzi also played the role of guard dog when she protected Mark’s wife from burglars at their home who were trying to “crowbar our front door.” As they broke through, they were greeted by a fearsome Betzi on the other side who viciously attacked and drove the perpetrators away.


But Giant Schnauzers don’t just make amazing personal protection dogs and guard dogs. They also have a powerful herding instinct that makes them keen as family protection dogs.


Yatzi, a family-owned Giant Schnauzer, uses his protective instincts to ‘save’ a young girl from the dangerous ocean (video below):

Hey! Check out this Giant Schnauzer named Yatzi who protects his owner’s tiny daughter from drowning in the ocean!

The bravery and fierceness of Giant Schnauzer protection dogs has been exhibited many times over the years, and these are just a handful of examples. So, what is it that makes these dogs the incredible protection dogs they are?

2. Why Are Giant Schnauzers Good Protection Dogs?


As with many prominent protective dog breeds, the Giant Schnauzer’s natural gifting for protection work can be drawn back to its history. 


Giant Schnauzer protection dogs were bred for their role. To create this special breed, various dogs with highly protective traits were handpicked in an attempt to create a dog that was perfect for two jobs: guarding property and protecting/herding livestock.


According to Wikipedia, it’s believed that dogs such as Great Dane protection dogs, German Shepherd protection dogs, Doberman protection dogs, and Rottweiler protection dogs—along with Boxers and Bouviers Des Flandres—may have been used in the breeding of the Giant Schnauzer.


Needless to say, the breeding was a massive success! Giant Schnauzer protection dogs excelled in their roles as guard dogs and herding dogs. In later years, the dogs were introduced to city life in Bavaria, where they were employed as watchdogs and guard dogs. 


While in Bavaria, they worked to protect butcheries, factories, stockyards, and breweries from both robbers, pests, and other animals. But the Giant Schnauzer’s story wasn’t finished. They would find themselves proudly used as War Dogs in World War I & II, as well as police dogs and rescue dogs to this present day.

Interesting Fact: The Giant Schnauzer was used as a War Dog in World War 1 & 2!

The Giant Schnauzer’s rich history and accomplishments in protection work have set it apart as one of the best protection dog breeds in the world. Today, the breed is one of the most commonly Schutzhund-trained breeds.


But if you have a Giant Schnauzer trained to protect, can it really back up its bark? Let’s find out…

3. Giant Schnauzer Bite Strength


Giant Schnauzer protection dogs can certainly back up their bark! With a bite strength of 556 PSI, Giant Schnauzers have jaws that can crush bones—not just tear skin or draw blood. This also puts them at the 4th strongest bite strength in the dog kingdom, just beneath Cane Corso protection dogs.

Interesting Fact: The Giant Schnauzer has a bite strength of 556 PSI (pounds per square inch). That’s the 4th strongest bite of all dog breeds!

This massive bite strength makes them especially useful to their owners in life-and-death situations when a powerful deterrent is needed. They are fully capable of stopping an attack or grabbing an intruder and not letting go until they receive the command to “release.”


But why have a dog with that kind of incredible power? Because a barking Chihuahua isn’t always enough to stop an intruder or assailant from doing you or your property harm. In serious situations, you may need protection power that’s a real threat to your enemies. And when you do need it, a Giant Schnauzer can deliver.

4. Giant Schnauzer Temperament


So, what’s it like to have a Giant Schnauzer protection dog?


Giant Schnauzer protection dogs are highly intelligent and alert. But their intelligence also causes them to have a strong will of their own. This can make training a bit difficult when compared to some other dog breeds.


However, once trained, they become one of the best protection and guard dog breeds. Their keen protective instincts make them wary of situations and people they aren’t accustomed to and they’re exceptional watchdogs even without training.


You’ll never be surprised to see their ears perk up at the slightest foreign sound, and they’ll make sure to let you know. They are quick analysts when it comes to potential threats and are adept at determining the safety of a situation.


But one of the most striking elements of the Giant Schnauzer’s temperament is its sensitivity and acute ability to understand its owner’s emotions. Giant Schnauzers have a “near-telepathic” ability to focus on the mood and feelings of their owners.

Interesting Fact: Giant Schnauzers have a “near-telepathic” ability to sense their owner’s emotions!

If you’re feeling apprehensive, in danger, sad, angry—or like you shouldn’t have eaten that last piece of pizza—don’t be surprised if your Giant Schnauzer protection dog can sense it. It’s uncanny but extremely useful if an uncomfortable or dangerous situation does arise.


The Giant Schnauzer’s high intelligence and piercing discernment make it a great protection dog for families as well—as they can quickly recognize “stranger danger” and keep children safe. However, if you have other animals (such as cats), a Giant Schnauzer will need iron-clad socialization training.


Schnauzers have a natural “prey drive instinct” that causes them to “love the chase.” This means, they may chase cats unless they are carefully trained. Their wary nature combined with their incredibly dangerous bite strength also make them a serious danger to other dogs if the Schnauzer isn’t properly socialized.


And that’s partly because of their size…

5. Giant Schnauzer Physical Traits


Giant Schnauzer protection dogs are one of the larger dog breeds. They weigh in at up to 100 pounds (large males), with the smallest of female Schnauzers weighing a minimum of 66 pounds.


The Schnauzer has an inquisitive and commanding appearance and a naturally strong, square stance. Around their eyes are brows that exacerbate the depth of their dark eyes, creating a deep shadow.


When combined with the scruffy beard on their chin and cropped ears (where legal), these dogs have a notably “wise” look about their visage. They almost look like something out of an old Western flick.

What’dya think? Does the Giant Schnauzer look more like Wyatt Earp or Willie Nelson?

The Giant Schnauzer protection dog’s coat colors are primarily black or “salt and pepper” gray with a medium-length, extremely thick and wiry coat. While Giant Schnauzers will need a significant amount of grooming (trimming), they’re a favorite among dog owners who dislike shedding.


That’s because the Giant Schnauzer has little-to-no shedding. And while no dog breed is truly 100% hypoallergenic (meaning: doesn’t cause allergies)—the Giant Schnauzer is classed as hypoallergenic when compared to other dog breeds (meaning: it won’t cause as many allergies in people who do have them).

Here’s a summary of the Giant Schnauzer’s physical traits:


Height: 23–27.5 inches.

Weight: 66–100 pounds.

Coat Color: Black or “salt-and-pepper” gray.

Coat: Medium-length, heavy, and wiry.

Shedding Amount: Infrequent.

Hypoallergenic: Yes (as much as a dog can be).

6. Giant Schnauzer Energy And Exercise Requirements


Similar to Belgian Malinois protection dogs and Dutch Shepherd protection dogs, Giant Schnauzer protection dogs are considered “very high” in the energy department. As we mentioned earlier, they were bred as working-class dogs who were capable of herding livestock. And that means these dogs will need lots of exercise to remain healthy and happy.


Atop the physical requirement, these dogs will also need a significant amount of “mental” activity to keep them from getting restless. This is a direct result of their high intelligence level. Having a daily training and exercise regimen should satisfy both needs and keep your Giant Schnauzer the amicable and friendly dog it wants to be.


How to give your Giant Schnauzer proper daily exercise:


  1. Twice per day, take your Giant Schnauzer on a long walk (30–60 min.)… 



  1. Twice per day, allow (and stimulate) high activity in “backyard” exercise and play (30–60 min.).

If you don’t have time to perform this exercise routine with your dog (or at least the space to let them run free), you should reconsider getting a high-energy dog breed such as the Giant Schnauzer.

7. Giant Schnauzer Price


A Giant Schnauzer with ZERO training costs between about $3,000 and $5,500 or more depending on the “line” (a.k.a., lineage) of the dog. However, if you want your dog to be pre-trained, the price will increase significantly.


That’s partially because Giant Schnauzers are one of the more difficult dogs to train. Keep in mind, they don’t lack intelligence (they may actually be a bit “too smart”)—but they have a strong will of their own that requires them to be trained early and with more intensity than many other breeds.


But with proper training, owners are able to harness the power and value of this dominant and incredibly intelligent dog. As we’ve mentioned, they’re one of the most frequently showcased dogs in obedience, dog agility, herding, search and rescue, conformation—and of course, Schutzhund (protection & attack dog) training competitions.


So, what does a fully-trained Giant Schnauzer protection dog cost?

8. Fully-Trained Schutzhund Giant Schnauzer Price


The Giant Schnauzer is one of the most prestigious of dog breeds to have fully trained in Schutzhund. However, doing so requires much effort and hundreds of hours of rigorous training from an early age.

Interesting Fact: Giant Schnauzer protection dogs undergo hundreds of hours of rigorous training so they respond instantly to protection & attack dog commands—keeping you safe.

Typically, fully-trained protection and attack dogs cost between $20,000 and $85,000 or more. But you generally won’t find a professionally trained Giant Schnauzer protection dog for less than around $35,000. And that’s at the bare minimum.


But is a fully-trained Giant Schnauzer protection dog worth the cash?


Absolutely. These incredible dogs can be trained to do everything from guard your property, protect you or your family, attack on command, hold perpetrators until the police arrive—and even do perimeter searches and perform “kid protection” duties.


Also (as was clearly illustrated at the beginning of this article), owning a Giant Schnauzer protection dog can save your life and your property. A Giant Schnauzer guard dog can provide you with peace of mind when you leave your family at home.


A Giant Schnauzer personal protection dog can keep you safe when you’re getting into your car, going to the bank, or in any other vulnerable position that you might find yourself in. The real question is, what’s your peace of mind, your safety, and your family’s safety worth to you?


If it’s worth more than $35K, you may want to consider a protection dog…

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Great! You’re now equipped with all the need-to-know knowledge about Giant Schnauzer protection dogs. You’ve gotten a few examples of these dogs protecting their owners in action. You’ve learned how they were used in the military and police.


Plus, you’ve gotten a look into what it’s like to have one of these dogs yourself. We’ve covered the strengths and pitfalls of their personality, grooming, and exercise requirements. And you should know if they’re good with other animals in the home, the kind of training they need, and if they’re a good family protection dog.


So, is the fierce but inquisitive, strong-willed but intelligent Giant Schnauzer protection dog for you?


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