Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to questions we frequently get asked regarding Personal Protection Dogs

The benefit is knowing you, your family and your home is safe and secure. Protection Dogs are loyal members of the family who will also protect you when it matters most.

Absolutely! We personally test every one of our dogs in a home type environment with our own family to ensure your getting the right dog for your home and kids! We ensure the family protection dog we get for you is custom tailored to fit your family and lifestyle as well!

We choose to work with these breeds mostly as they are the top athletes when it comes to protection dogs. They are the breeds best suited to be a social, confident and stable protection dog. That doesn’t mean all Malinois and Shepherds are a good fit though! We hand select everyone of our family protection dogs to ensure you get the best of the best in temperament and protection! We can locate other breeds if you’re interested in something else but normally have Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds on hand.

Yes it will! Are protection dogs are very social and stable in any environment with anyone! They are trained to understand threat as well as cues from the owner when to alert but are very social with people as well. A Protection Dog shouldn’t be something your worried about bitting everyone but instead be safe and social with everyone until you need him/ her to protect you.

We get our dogs from some of the best breeders in the world as well as breed some of our own. We have been involved extensively in breeding dogs and understand what to look for when picking a dog for personal protection dogs.

Personal Protection dogs are expensive because like everything in life you get what you pay for. We hand select our dogs, spend countless hours training and testing them to ensure they are a perfect fit for their new home. Our protection dogs also go through a lot of obedience training to ensure you have a well trained house dog as well.

The next step is to contact us and let us know exactly what your looking for in a dog so we can fit the right personal protection dog for you! There is a deposit required to hold the dog and the remaining amount is due on delivery.

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