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Trainer stroking a canine standing on the artificial grass

Level 3 Protection Dog

A level 3 protection dog is a canine that’s completed all three levels of Schutzhund (also called “IPO” or “IGP”) training—but has also achieved additional levels of training for even more advanced protection skills. The additional training can vary, but think of Schutzhund training as the “launchpad” for these higher levels of training.
Trainer stroking a canine standing on the artificial grass

Elite Executive Protection Dogs

Elite executive protection dogs are more like super-dogs. And they’ve been intricately trained to respond to a number of complex situations.
Trainer stroking a canine standing on the artificial grass

Military-Grade Protection

From carjacking to kidnapping scenarios, executive protection dogs are meticulously trained to respond in a list of complex scenarios. Prestigiously classed as “level 3 protection dogs,” executive protection dogs stand at the apex of protective canines and proudly loom over the rest of the pack.

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Elite Executive Protection Dogs | Military-Grade Protection

From carjacking to kidnapping scenarios, executive protection dogs are meticulously trained to respond in a list of complex scenarios. Prestigiously classed as “level 3 protection dogs,” executive protection dogs stand at the apex of protective canines and proudly loom over the rest of the pack. But just how high above their peers are they? 

Let’s put it into perspective:

  • The Police’s K9 protection dogs are considered Level 3 protection dogs…
  • The dogs used in the European Counter-Terrorism Task Force are Level 3 protection dogs…

But what about the executive protection dogs you’re reading about, right now? Are they Level 3 protection dogs?

They most certainly are! And you’re about to learn everything about these elite, military-grade pups. Plus, you’ll get answers to questions like: 

What does executive protection dog training look like? What kinds of situations and commands do they respond to? Are they good with families? Do they coexist well with other animals (like cats)? And how much do fully-trained executive protection dogs typically cost?

You’ll also get a peek at some exciting examples of threat response scenarios! When you’re done, you’ll have a full picture of how executive protection dogs can keep you, your family and your home safe.

Ready? Then let’s get buckled in for elite executive protection dogs!

Note: If you’re in need of a fully-trained executive protection dog, Prestige Protection Dogs can help. We have 10+ years experience in Schutzhund and international acclaim in protection & attack dog training competitions.

Look through our list of available protection dogs for sale—check out the best protective dog breeds we can offer—or click below to contact us now!

What Is An Executive Protection Dog?

Executive protection dogs are an elite class of dogs trained at the maximum level for protection work. They get their name because they’re commonly used by high-profile individuals—like wealthy executives and celebrities—who need an added layer of safety because of their financial status or fame. 

However, what really sets these dogs apart is their meticulous training. Executive protection dogs are vetted from the best protective dog breeds and trained even beyond the maximum level of Schutzhund (protection & attack) training.

In fact, an executive protection dog’s library of skills may vary from one dog to the next. Their talents are unique and often customizable to fit each specific owner’s needs. For instance, a police officer may need a dog that can detect illegal drugs, whereas a wealthy investor may need to protect against carjacking or kidnapping attempts—and a business may use K9 security dogs to keep customers or good safe.

Nevertheless, all these dogs are specially trained to recognize danger and take specific actions, even in the most subtle of circumstances. Executive protection dogs can use focus and discernment to act appropriately within an array of different scenarios. And when a situation requires caution—or even an aggressive response—these dogs will respond accordingly.

With that said, you may be interested in what these dogs can actually do to protect you. For instance: When can you expect your executive protection dog to act? Or what situations can they be trained to respond to? And how will they respond in those situations?

To understand the protection power these dogs can offer, you need to learn about the training they undergo and the rigorous tests they have to pass before they’re ready for the job.

What Is A Level 3 Protection Dog?

A level 3 protection dog is a canine that’s completed all three levels of Schutzhund (also called “IPO” or “IGP”) training—but has also achieved additional levels of training for even more advanced protection skills. The additional training can vary, but think of Schutzhund training as the “launchpad” for these higher levels of training.

First, let’s explore the three stages of Schutzhund training a dog will have to pass before learning the more advanced training levels. Then, we’ll talk about how we break down our advanced training at Prestige Protection Dogs.

Ready? Let’s get started… Here are the three levels of Schutzhund training:

Schutzhund Level 1: Tracking Phase

During the tracking phase, a dog will be tested in the areas of scenting (ability to track smell), mental fortitude and physical endurance. While the dog is away and out of sight, a “helper” (person who plays a role in the trial) will take a set number of tiny objects and travel across a variable distance. As they move, they’ll drop the small articles (like scraps of cloth or leather) at set intervals of space.

The distance of the course, space between the dropped articles, number of corners (twists and turns), and the time before the dog begins the tracking phase will vary. Each variable will depend on the level of training in accordance with the USCA Official Rulebook

For example, the lowest level of Schutzhund (IPO 1) requires the dog to travel a distance of 300 paces (750 ft.), navigate two corners, and identify three articles 20 minutes after the handler is off the field. But the higher levels of the trial are much more difficult.

In these tougher levels, the dog must wait up to three entire hours before they start (allowing the scent to weaken). Then, they must then travel as far as 1,800 paces (0.85 mi.), take up to seven corners, and identify 8 articles. Now, that’s an impressive sniffer!

Once their tracking ability is authorized, it’s “mush” to the next phase: obedience…

Schutzhund Level 2: Obedience Phase

The obedience phase will test a dog’s ability and willingness to quickly respond to commands. It’s a crucial and foundational part of protection dog training. 

Each dog is scored on a number of different tests, which include commands like: 

  • heel on leash, 
  • heel off leash, 
  • sit in motion, 
  • down in motion, 
  • walking/running down in motion, 
  • retrieve on flat, 
  • retrieve over hurdle, 
  • send away (also called “send out”), 
  • …and a short list of other obedience commands…

A gun will be fired sporadically at different points of the trial. This ensures the dog is capable of remaining focused, attentive and obedient regardless of loud noises. Why is that so important?

In high-intensity situations, attackers may be armed and could fire their weapons. In these circumstances, it’s important the protection dog doesn’t hesitate, become afraid, or get distracted by these gunshots so they can do their duty.

So, the dog has established that it has a great sniffer and is obedient to a list of ordinary commands. But they’re not done yet. If they make it through the first two phases, they’ll be faced with the real meat of the Schutzhund trials.

It’s time for the protection phase…

Schutzhund Level 3: Protection Phase

The protection phase is the most dangerous, stringently organized and regulated phase of the trial. Helpers must wear specially sanctioned protective gear and be sanctioned themselves to participate in the trial.

Dogs must remain “in control” with their handlers throughout the trial or they will be disqualified. An “out of control” protection dog is not ready for protection work and will need additional training before coming back to face all three phases again.

To ensure safety and control of the dogs, the USCA has outlined a few key criteria each dog must check off before they’re officially certified as ready for protection work. Every skill will be tested and judged in the following dimensions:

(Taken from USCA Trial Rules, Variances, and Guidelines)

  • Well-balanced drives.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Ability to work under pressure; toughness; resilience.
  • Steadfast, sound nerves.
  • Willingness to take direction (commands), responsiveness to the handler.

So, which skills are the dogs being tested on?

The dogs will be tested in protection and threat-response capabilities. They may be protecting, guarding, or seeking out an intruder/attacker. For each test, a helper will perform certain actions, and the dog will respond to the commands of the handler.

Here are the core skills tested during phase three of Schutzhund:

  • Search for the helper (attacker/intruder).
  • Hold and bark.
  • Prevention of an attempted escape.
  • Defense against attack while guarding.
  • Back transport.
  • Attack on command from different states (out, in motion, defense, and guarding).
  • Withdraw on command.
  • And a handful of other skills…

Pretty impressive, right? But if you think there’s no more a dog can do—you’re sorely mistaken. 

In fact, for elite executive protection dogs, passing all these trials is just the beginning. Schutzhund training is the “launchpad” for all the other skills that make an elite, Level 3 protection dog. And the upcoming additional skills we’re about to cover are what truly sets these dogs apart from the pack.

So, what more can executive protection dogs offer? Let’s take a closer look at the prestigious skills held by the highest ranking officers in the protection dog world…

Elite Executive Protection Dogs

Elite executive protection dogs are more like super-dogs. And they’ve been intricately trained to respond to a number of complex situations. Here are some of the advanced skills an executive protection dog might have:

  • Carjacking defense.
  • Parking lot protection.
  • Special threat insight (increased discernment of threats).
  • Property guarding.
  • Small child protection.
  • Home-invasion defense.
  • Disarming of weapons.
  • Perimeter and hidden threat searches (find and corner people hiding in the home or on the property).
  • Kidnapping scenarios.
  • Food refusal.
  • Friendly aggressor defense (dog can identify and react to threats who “pretend” friendliness).

So, now you know a few of the talents a Level 3 protection dog might have. But what does all this look like in action? Let’s look at a few examples…

Carjacking / Parking Lot Scenario

Imagine for a moment that a person who is a potential threat approaches while you are getting into your car. First, your dog will immediately warn you and ensure you’re aware of the threat by barking and getting between you and the person. 

Your dog will remain close to you, waiting for your command, facing the potential aggressor and barking. If the person were to reach out for you, try to strike you, or approach you in a manner that was dangerous—your dog will attack.

But imagine if you tell the person to “back off” and they refuse? Then, what happens?

Fortunately, keen instincts and threat response training aren’t the full scope of an executive protection dog’s skillset. Rather, these dogs are capable of performing a long list of intricate tasks, responding instantly to the quietest commands from their handlers.

In the previous example, the person approaching your car refuses to “back off.” Your dog won’t attack unless the threat is imminent. But—with one, soft command from your lips—your dog will unleash hell on the threatening individual and won’t let go until you give the special “release” command.

Unlike an untrained dog, you’ll know exactly what to expect from an executive protection dog. They’re completely under your control, looking to you for direction and awaiting a command while simultaneously acting on their training.

And if they try to get into your car? On your command, a dog trained to respond to carjacking will leap through a window and latch its jaws onto the foreign person in the driver’s seat. They’ll do everything they can to stop the person from getting in your car—or driving away with it.

But what about keeping your home safe? Especially, if you have a large property?

Are you safe at night? If you have a large property, it can be especially hard to know that there isn’t anyone creeping around before you go to bed. But with executive protection dogs at your disposal—it’s no problem.

Just have your dog perform a perimeter search on your property and in your home. With one quick command, your dog will “out” and search every inch of your property for possible threats. And if a threat is found, your dog will corner the intruder to prevent them from escaping and bark repeatedly to alert you of their presence.

But what about when someone doesn’t want your car and belongings? What if they want to take you or your family member instead?

Kidnapping Scenario

Another common scenario you may face is a person who attacks you indirectly by capturing one of your family members in a ransom plot. And even with an alarm system at home, the police may not get to your family in time to stop the event.

But with an executive protection dog at your family’s side, there’s an added layer of protection to keep them safe—even if the intruder has a weapon. Your protection dog is trained to protect you with its life against someone who’s wielding a weapon and striking with it—or even firing a gun.

If a family member is being kidnapped, these dogs will use their tracking skills to seek out and stop the attacker. Then, the dog will get between and guard (or attack on command) the aggressor, keeping the family member safe until help arrives.

And these examples are merely the beginning of talents these dogs possess. Each canine can be trained with a specific skill set that’s tailored to the owner and family. But most owners would hope never to have to see them used. 

Which brings us to our next question: Since my dog might never use its protective capabilities—will it be a great family pet, too?

Are Executive Protection Dogs Also Good Family Protection Dogs?

It might seem impossible to cram any more skills into these dogs. But amazingly, there’s still more to love about these super-canines! And it’s showcased in their family manners, socialization skills and overall demeanor. That’s because executive protection dogs aren’t just meant for protection. 

After all, it’s everyone’s hope that these dogs will never have to use their protection powers, right? And chances are, most days will consist of normal, fun-loving doggy-ness. So, executive protection dogs are also trained to be exceptional companions and members of your family unit. And that includes for your children, family pets, and even cats.

These dogs are specially trained and socialized so they remain gentle and compassionate. If you have cats or other animals that run about, your dog won’t chase or harm them. Plus, they have impeccable manners and listen extremely well.

Executive protection dogs are highly obedient and completely housebroken. They’re always ready to respond to a command and frequently look to their handler for direction—always eager to please. You should never have to raise your voice to scold them or use strong methods to get them to stop unwanted behaviors.

So, at this point, it’s pretty clear…

In the world of dogs—it doesn’t get any better than an executive protection dog. They truly push the boundaries of what’s possible with a canine, packing a large variety of abilities into their four-legged arsenal. But what about the price?

How Much Is An Executive Protection Dog?

The New York Times featured an executive protection dog, Julia, who sold for $230,000 to a Minneapolis man named John Johnson. So, why did Mr. Johnson purchase Julia? And is that (rather high) price typical for an executive protection dog?

During an interview, he told the NYT, “It’s for both security and companionship.” In fact, since that day, he’s been a repeat customer, acquiring six more protection dogs and clearly indicating his satisfaction without regard for the price.

But if you’re still holding your breath, you can finally exhale. Because most executive protection dogs WON’T cost you the equivalent of a small house…

Despite the fact these dogs can take years to train, elite executive protection dogs usually cost anywhere from $30,000 to $85,000 (depending on the specific dog’s breed, lineage, training & skills). And at Prestige Protection Dogs, our line-up of executive protection dogs typically falls into this range.

For many, it’s not a far stretch to open their wallets for protection and a life-long companion of this sort. After all, these lovable dogs don’t just add value to your daily life—they actually offer the service of saving it. And with lots of options for customizing these dog’s skill sets, you can rest easy knowing these dogs will keep you and your family safe.

Plus, if you have a family, there’s no better dog to keep them safe than a specially trained executive protection dog. They can be trained to work with small children—and they’re gentle, affectionate, loving and socialized to coexist with other animals.

And for others (that have the bankroll to spend), an executive protection dog or two can be a proud addition to the glam of a wealthy life. Who doesn’t want to show off at the next neighborhood barbeque with a fun-loving dog that’s powerful enough to take down Osama Bin Laden?

So, if any of this sounds right, you may be wondering: Where can you buy an executive protection dog?

Level 3 Protection Dogs For Sale

You deserve protection, peace of mind, a best friend for life and a smooth transition. So, at Prestige Protection Dogs we deliver level 3 protection dogs right to your doorstep—anywhere in the United States.

But we don’t stop there. We spend 3–5 days of time, in person, to make sure the transition goes smoothly.

You’ll learn all the commands and become totally comfortable with your new protector and companion. And you’ll have a ton of fun!

Why should you trust us?

We have over 10+ years of protection dog training under our belt and international acclaim in the most difficult protection sports in the world. Our clientele enjoy only the best-in-class protection dogs that are customizable to their needs.

Plus, we pick from the top breeds and carefully hand-select our dogs from across the globe to ensure only the highest quality genetics. We look for lines that have exceptional intelligence and trainability. And we pay close attention to genetic history for physical traits and lowered health risks.

So, one question remains…

Will you be the proud owner of the most prestigious of protection dogs? Just click the button below to get in contact now!


Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? If you’ve read this entire article, then you now have a vast knowledge of executive protection dogs. We’ve covered everything.

You’ve received an in-depth look at the training these dogs go through. You know if they’re good with families and what scenarios they respond to. Plus, you’ve even caught a glimpse into what it’s like to have these dogs respond in different situations.

You’re now fully informed and full of things to share with your family and friends. And you might even be ready to make a choice. Is an executive protection dog the safety blanket you need to sleep soundly at night?

Look through our available protection dogs for sale or click below to get your fully pre-trained executive protection dog now!

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