July 13, 2022
Belgian Malinois
Date of Birth
June 23, 2019
Pepsy is an exceptional female belgian malinois and would make a very nice home protection dog! She is very friendly and sweet with kids, dogs and people. Her protection work is very nice as well and she has also received training for one of the hardest protection sports in the world called French Ring. She comes from some of the best genetics in France. Her father was 2nd place in the cup and 3rd place in the French Ring Championship in 2019 and has been in the championship multiple times! She is a very easy dog to live with and have around and enjoys spending time with her people!

Pepsy is one of our executive level protection dogs she is trained to Bark on command, Bite and out on command, Attack on command and recall off an attacker. Since she is our executive level she also has the ability to search for an intruder and hold them there.
Executive Level Protection Dog

Pepsy's Protection Training

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