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[10 Killer Facts] About Cane Corso Protection Dogs

The Cane Corso protection dog’s brawny, muscular body and “war commander-like” face is perfectly balanced with a high level of intelligence and protective instincts. And with a name that means “bodyguard dog,” it’s no wonder the Cane Corso is dubbed one of the best protective dog breeds in the world. 


But what else should you know about this fierce breed of dog? Are they all protective? Are they good with families? Will they attack an intruder (bark or bite)? Will they guard your property? And what’s it like to really have one of your own (personality & temperament)?


This article will answer all these questions, plus many more. So, buckle up and get ready to familiarize yourself with the second strongest bite in the dog world—the Cane Corso!

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Now, onto everything you need to know about Cane Corso protection dogs…

1. Why Are Cane Corsos So Protective?

Cane Corso protection dogs are one of the most protective dog breeds. But why are their protective instincts so keen, even before protection dog training?


You’ll find the answer in their origin. Cane Corsos were originally bred in the Roman empire (around 1,100 A.D.). After the Romans invaded Greece, they returned home with some of the Greek’s dogs (called Molossus) and began cross breeding them with their native Italian dog breeds.


The two breeds that emerged from the effort were the Napolean Mastiff and the Cane Corso. Can you guess which dog’s name means “bodyguard dog?” 


If you guessed the Cane Corso, you’re correct! These fierce dogs were employed as personal protection dogs, guard dogs, and even performed some really brutal war dog services.

Interesting Fact: During the Roman Empire, Cane Corsos would charge enemy lines with buckets of flaming oil attached to their backs. Imagine that!

Cane Corsos were intentionally bred to be highly protective and aggressive toward anyone who would threaten VIPs or their troops. This can make them great executive protection dogs and K9 security dogs. And we can trace much of their intensely protective nature back to those ancient days of breeding.

2. Are All Cane Corsos Protective?


While all Cane Corsos have naturally protective instincts, they’ll need proper training and socialization to perform roles as personal protection dogs or guard dogs.


Keep in mind, the same is true for all protective dog breeds. Without proper training by a professional, your Cane Corso won’t understand the commands necessary or have the obedience training they need to be employed as a personal protection dog.


Also, Cane Corsos have a strong-willed and dominant nature. If you have other dogs, it’s extremely important your Corso has proper socialization because an untrained Cane Corso can become dangerous to your other dogs. Many suggest that you should not obtain a Cane Corso if you already have a dog of the same sex living in the same home.


Which brings us to our next question…

3. Are Cane Corso Good Protection Dogs?


All things aside, the Cane Corso is an excellent protection dog when properly trained and socialized by a professional. Their naturally protective instincts make them a prime candidate for any kind of protection work.


But it’s important to note that for all their brawn, the Cane Corso also has tons of brains. Similar to Giant Schnauzer protection dogs, the Cane Corso is watchful, alert and extremely adept at identifying threats and differentiating between friend and foe.

Interesting Fact: The Cane Corso is especially watchful and gifted at differentiating between friend and foe.

A fully-trained Cane Corso protection dog will know the difference between “good guys” and “bad guys” and will have best-in-class obedience to the commands of its owner. They are loyal and fierce, but they’re still lovable and affectionate.


However, it’s important to note that the breed was also bred as a hunter in ancient times and has a very powerful “hunting” instinct. This makes for a dog that likes to chase cats and other animals. And with a dog as powerful as the Corso, you may want to think twice about getting one if you have other pets.

4. Will A Cane Corso Attack An Intruder?

With the proper training, a Cane Corso protection dog will attack an intruder who threatens their family, owners or even property (if they are also trained as a property guard dog). Their protective nature paired with naturally high aggression levels and proper training make for a dog that backs up their bark.


And with a bite strength of 700 PSI, anyone threatening you or your family will regret whatever choices they made to land them in their situation. Cane Corsos have the second most formidable bite strength in the dog kingdom.

Interesting Fact: The Cane Corso has the second strongest bite strength of all dog breeds at 700 PSI!

Plus, with a professionally trained Cane Corso protection dog, you’re only one command away from causing a frenzied attack on your assailant. Your protection dog will immediately unleash the power of those jaws (and not let go) until you give the command. 


That’s true protection power. But it’s important to keep in mind that a dog with that kind of bite strength is dangerous. The Cane Corso’s bite doesn’t just break the skin—it crushes bones. And they are capable of causing serious damage (and even death).


So, if they’re that dangerous…

5. Can A Cane Corso Be A Good Family Protection Dog?

Scary bite strength aside—the Cane Corso can be a great family protection dog. The Corso may look intimidating (some might even say, brutish), but they rank on the high end for being naturally affectionate and “lovey-dovey” toward family members according to the AKC.


However, your Cane Corso absolutely must have protection dog training, especially if you have small children. If you have small children who you can’t keep from “rough-housing” you may want to consider a different breed.


They’re not as apt for family protection as a Dutch Shepherd protection dog. And if your Cane Corso isn’t properly trained by a professional, their protective instincts may cause them to become confused in situations where there is “play violence.” Obviously, that can become a bad scenario very quickly.


As with any protective dog breed, the Cane Corso shouldn’t be left alone with small children. And children should be instructed not to “play fight” around the dog for safety reasons.

6. Do Police Use Cane Corsos?

Although they’re less common than German Shepherd protection dogs, the police do sometimes use Cane Corsos. An example of this is the dog, Soldier (seen below) who is being police-trained by Iron Mountain K9.

Image Source: www.imk9.com

Interesting Fact: The Cane Corso, though less popular, has been trained and employed in both the police force and military.

So, why don’t you see these dogs in the police force as often? There may be a couple key factors.


1. Although the Cane Corso has a strong “prey drive” instinct, they’re outmatched by the German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois protection dogs, which are more apt for the chase. Since police often need to chase criminals, they sometimes prefer a faster dog with more “prey drive” instincts.


2. The Cane Corso is more rare than the German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois. The breed became increasingly rare after the end of World War 2 (when farming declined) and only began to rise in number after about 1970.


The German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois may outrank the Corso as a police dog. But the Cane Corso is often seen as a better “protector” or “bodyguard” than many breeds (as its name suggests)—which makes them one of the best guard dog breeds in the world.

7. Cane Corso Protection Dogs [Physical Traits]


The Cane Corso is similar in size and physique to Rottweiler protection dogs. They stand 23–28 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 99–110 thick pounds. Like the Rottie, they are well-muscled, intimidating, and powerful in appearance, which is often enough to deter anyone who would think of causing you or your family harm.

However, though they look almost the same size, the Cane Corso has a bite strength that’s about 3X the strength of a Rottweiler’s bite.

Interesting Fact: A Cane Corso’s bite is 3X stronger than a Rottweiler’s!

These dogs sport a coat in primarily two variants: black and fawn. Some Corso’s have a mixture of the two, while others are solidly one or the other. Also, in some rare cases, these dogs can be gray in color.


Their fur is on the shorter side of the spectrum (which means less grooming than some longer-haired breeds), and their tighter face means less drool. But please note, less means less—it doesn’t mean none. These dogs are large and they do have a tendency to do a bit of slobbering. 


Here are the Cane Corsos physical traits:

Height: 22–28 inches.

Weight: 99–110.

Coat Color: Black or Fawn colored (in rare cases, gray).

Coat Length: Short.

Grooming Level: Normal.

Muscular Physique: Extremely muscular.

8. Cane Corso Protection Dogs [Temperament]


The Cane Corso is both sensitive and serious. And as you’ve already learned, they’re famed for their protective nature. But what other qualities does this dog’s temperament behold?


Casting aside their protective nature, these dogs are incredibly smart, easy to train, lovable and energetic. Once they’re accustomed to their family, they become just as affectionate and loving as any other dog breed.


This is far more true for the Cane Corso than for some other protective dog breeds, such as Doberman protection dogs. And a Corso can be a ball of energetic love within the family unit. But keep in mind, your Corso was bred from working-class dogs and will need lots of exercise.


If you choose to own this large protective dog breed, you should be prepared to give up lots of time for walks and exercise or, at least, provide the space for it. A large, fenced-in yard may be necessary to work out the wiggles this dog has inherited from its ancestors.

9. Cane Corso Protection Dog Price


The price of a fully-trained protection dog ranges between $20,000 and $80,000 or more. A bit pricey, but well worth it. Why? 


Because, a worthy protection dog is first, carefully selected. Then, hundreds of hours of work go into creating a world-class, fully-trained dog. If they are born and raised by the trainers, that means months of feeding, housing and intensive training to forge a dog that’s worthy to serve and protect at the highest level of service.


While these dogs undergo their rigorous IPO (schutzhund) training at different levels, they’re kept in an environment that is meticulously created to sculpt the perfect protective traits, create optimal obedience, and ensure iron-clad socialization skills.


Even more importantly, a professionally trained protection dog is an investment in safety for yourself, your family and your property. These dogs will stop at nothing to save everything from your prized possessions to your life…


…what’s that worth to you?

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You should now know all you need to before owning a Cane Corso protection dog of your own. You know about their heritage as War Dogs. You know about their protective instincts and if they’re good protection dogs.


You know if they work well with families, small children or other pets. You know if they’re good for guarding your property, and even if the police or military use them today. And we even gave you a glimpse into what it’s like to have your own Cane Corso.


We talked about their personality and temperament, if they drool, how much exercise they’ll need and even how often you need to groom them. Along with so much more.


The only thing left to do is decide if you’ll have an ancient Roman war dog for your personal protection companion. If the answer is yes, please reach out to us by clicking below: