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There is nothing of more value in this world!

Personal protection dogs are assigned to the task of protecting a person or family and their belongings. These dogs receive years of specialized training from the time they are born. They are responsible for distinguishing between friends and enemies and can do this safely, even in crowded and unusually loud environments. A well-trained German Shepherd protection dogs will always wait for a command from their owner before responding. Prestige Protection Dogs are extraordinary by selection, training, behavior, and temperament.


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German Shepherd Guard Dog

Your loved ones are irreplaceable, and you cannot put a price tag on their safety and security.

Adding a German Shepherd protection dog to your family will provide you with the reassurance that your family and your belongings are safe and secure. A Prestige Protection Dog will provide a hand-selected protection dog with unrivalled skills in allegiance to your family’s protection, as well as obedience to your family and attentiveness to the surroundings at all times.

You treasure your family and their safety and security above all else. You need the confidence that your family is always being protected by a highly trained, obedient, and loyal security dog that is also a loving member of your family.

You need a personal protection dog that will alert you when a visitor arrives or a stranger approaches and will instinctively know when to look to you for a command to protect you from a dangerous situation before it escalates.

You want a personal protection dog is not a German Shepherd “attack dog”, but a well-trained dog that will react to a threat on your command but can be called off immediately and without question.

Consider these two scenarios


         You are walking in a park with your children and your dog. An stranger grabs one of your children. While your child is being held in the attacker’s unyielding grasp, you have the ability to hold onto your other child and call out to your German Shepherd family protection dog for help. Without hesitation, and on your command, your German Shepherd springs into action, jumping onto the attacker and biting his arm to free your child. Once the attacker lets go of your child, you can order your dog to release the attacker and keep him/her under control while you call the police.


         You are in your home and your German Shepherd protection dog barks to warn you that an intruder is attempting to break in. The intruder breaks the glass and starts to climb through the window and enter your home. Before the intruder is able climb through the window, your security dog has already warned you with a stern bark and you are able to give the command “attack”. He charges the intruder and scares him away. You are safe and untouched.

Why Not Choose an Aggressive Dog or a Watch Dog?

A dog that is aggressive can be dangerous to another individual or animal because they can panic out of fear and become out of control. When faced with a scary situation, a nervous dog can turn to a flight or fight response and be unresponsive to commands from their owner.

The key to preventing dog aggression is to start the proper training right away along with socialization and love and attention. For this reason, Prestige Protection Dogs starts the German Shepherd protection training our selected puppies from the time they are born.

Do I need a Watch Dog or a Guard Dog?

When choosing a canine for your German Shepherd family protection dog, consider these qualities for your dog to possess:

German Shepherd jumping in the air playing with its owner in a field.

Protection Dog Breeds – Which Breeds are the Best

The breed of the family protection dog is not what determines the label given to a dog. Locating a dog with the intelligence and temperament required and beginning a training regimen from the time they are born is what is most important to the success of a personal protection dog. In addition, you need a protection dog that is large enough and strong enough to take a large adult man down with only a bit of a head start. A trained German Shepherd family protection dog is ideal in size and temperament.


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