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Whether you’re looking to protect your family, yourself, or keep intruders from your property, choosing the top protection guard dog breed is the first step in creating a safe environment. Aside from being your companion, dogs are often perfectly suited bodyguards! Before heading to a breeder, it is crucial to identify what you are looking for in a dog so that you know that you are well-suited for each other. When looking for a protection dog, you’ll need to decide what level of security you require. Are you looking for a simple deterrence or a high-level alert?


Asking these few simple questions will help you to solidify the perfect guard dog

  • Are you looking to protect your property?
  • Is this a personal protection dog? For example, if you live alone and would feel more comfortable by having a dog in the house?
  • Are you looking to protect your family?

Upon answering this question, you will be one step closer to finding your dog. Still stumped on what your needs may be? Delving into each type of protection dog will help to solve some common questions.

When it comes to protection dogs, this can be categorized by personal protection dog, family protection dog and guard dog.

Protect your Property with a Dog

Whenever you may need protection, there’s a guard dog for that. Guard dogs are extremely protective and are frequently used as army protection, police and sentry duty.

Many breeds of dogs are extremely intelligent, and when trained properly transition as the perfect guard to protect and perform extremely crucial services. When you are looking for high-level protection of land, or are just in dire need of security, a guard dog is the answer. You have the property. Now, you need the protection. Here are some dogs that we typically recommend as the model watchdog. 

According to CNN, for people living alone, owning a dog can decrease their risk of death by 33% and their risk of cardiovascular related death by 36%, when compared to single individuals without a pet, according to the study. Chances of a heart attack were also found to be 11% lower. A personal protection dog will be able to help you feel more secure in your home.

After a long day at work, or a weekend relaxing, you’ll want to know that you are safe. Not to mention, personal protection dogs more often than not turn into life-long companions. If you find yourself looking for this protection, hear more on the following breeds that often are a great fit. When looking for some personal protection, these breeds are a good choice.

Protection dogs are growing in popularity and are even popping up on well known sites like Good Housekeeping, Readers Digest.  Below is a short list of dogs we regularly train and recommend for the job!

Belgian Malinois Protection Guard Dog

This incredibly smart breed is growing in popularity for both in home personal protection and as military / police K9’s. Belgian Malinois can be the perfect addition to your family!

German Shepherd Protection Guard Dog

Need we say more? German Shepherds are known as family-favorites. These dogs are tolerant with kids, and extremely intelligent. Not to mention, often these dogs are known to be obedient, loyal and caring. In addition, these dogs are very easy to train. Choose this when you’re looking for a popular and valuable addition to the family! Are you ready to find your pup? Start your protection now. Take the time to identify the protection dog for your needs.

If it’s a family dog, personal protection dog, or a guard dog that will protect property, there are countless breeds to find the perfect fit. With great training, loyal ownership and lots of love, you will find the perfect dog that is both a guard dog and a best friend.

Rottweiler Protection Guard Dog

Standing at 130 pounds, the Rottweiler is aggressive and runs at extremely fast speeds. Ready to hunt down any predator, this dog can be the perfect guard dog when looking to protect what’s yours. These dogs are intelligent and easy to train. However, keep in mind that this breed is often not friendly with other animals.

Doberman Pinscher Protection Guard Dog

Known for its strength, energy and stamina, the Doberman Pinscher is a great choice for a guard dog. Constantly in need of exercise, the Doberman will always be ready to survey all surroundings. Muscular and athletic, this dog stands tall and looks ready for action at first glance. These also happen to be great family pets and can make long lasting bonds with humans.

Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or established in your space, having a personal protection dog can help to add security and help you feel at ease. There are many advantages to having a companion by your side when living alone.

Spencer Bowman

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With 10+ years in the dog industry and international success competing with dogs, you can be sure you’re working with the best! 

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