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Personal protection dogs can be great companions as well as protectors of your home and family. Having a protection dog can bring great peace of mind and ensure your safety in any situation. We offer personal protection dogs that are tested in various scenarios to ensure your well being. We want to be sure that if you are home and someone breaks in, you will be protected.

There are many devices out there to protect yourself. What these devices lack… is the presence of a dog. There is nothing like having your favorite canine companion double as an effective form of personal security!   We train many of the most common breeds from german shepherds and belgian malinois to dobermans. We also train for other possible encounters like car-jacking, purse snatching, and other potential scenarios based on your life and your needs.

The dogs we have for sale are fully off leash trained, have reliable and precise obedience training, and can prove themselves to be the protectors you need for you and your family.

At Prestige K9 our standards are set high and we select only the highest of quality dogs to ensure the bar stays high. The dogs we select not only need to prove themselves as protectors, but just as importantly need to be excellent family dogs. They must show they can handle themselves appropriately in home and in a public setting.

We take the time to get to know you and your family in order to find the best fit for you and for the dog. We gather as much info from you as we can in order to start the process of selecting the right dog the first time. Some of the criteria we look at is how large your family is, are there children in the home, do you travel often, and are there other pets in the home. This is a task we do not take lightly!

German Shepherd Protection Puppy From Protection Dog Breeders

These dogs are also excellent for those who are single and could use the reassurance that comes with having any dog as a companion animal but with the added benefit of having extra protection. Not sure what breed is right for you? WE can help! If you are considering adding a personal protection dog to your family, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation.

Spencer Bowman

Owner / Trainer

With 10+ years in the dog industry and international success competing with dogs, you can be sure you’re working with the best! 

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