Protection Dogs: Superior Security Solution

Protection Dogs

Superior Security Solution for Protecting You, Your Family, and Home

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It is undeniable that violence and crimes against people and property in society are becoming more and more of a concern to everyone. Whether you have been a victim to a crime, a witness to a crime, or even just watched it on the nightly news, many of you are considering the need for personal security for you, your family, your home, and your personal belongings.

Our protection dogs will become a loving, loyal and selfless family member of your family that will give their life to protect you and your loved ones in any situation.

You may be contemplating installing a home security system or purchasing a firearm. These options alone may not be the safety and security you were hoping for. A firearm must be stored safely and may not be as readily available as you need it to be when a dangerous situation arises. In addition, your firearm will not protect your children or your possessions when you are not present.

An alarm system is a good thing to have in your home, but it doesn’t have the ability to detect potential danger ahead of time and does not provide an immediate deterrence to a criminal as the police must be notified first. Trained personal protection dogs surpass any alarm system that you can put in place and can protect you at a moment’s notice. Just the presence of a personal guard dog can dissuade a criminal from entering your home or approaching you in public.

Prestige Protection Dogs suggests that you consider adding a loving, loyal, and dependable new canine member to your family that can also provide the crucial need for your personal security, both inside and outside of your home: a trained security dog.

Is my family dog a protection dog

Many people believe that their existing family dogs are protecting them because they bark or growl at a stranger or intruder. There have been numerous studies to substantiate that without having a correctly trained protection dog, they are not suitable to protect their owners. Protection dogs require special and specific training so that they can identify and react to dangers and defuse them.


What is a

Prestige Protection Dogs are highly skilled and trained to protect you, your family, and your home. They can search your home for intruders and guard your children or a designated item such as a purse. In addition to searching for intruders, they are trained to respond to a carjacking and they have a very high level of obedience such as on and off leash training, bark on command, bite on command, “out” on command and come when called.

We hand select the best dogs in the world from the best breeders in the world and we will match you with the best dog based on your wants and environment. A dog selected for personal protection should be well socialized, assertive but not aggressive, and be attentive to every movement of the owner(s).

We travel all over Europe to source our dogs as well as raise dogs ourselves to ensure that we are delivering the best protection dog possible with the best temperament possible.

trained personal protection dogs are trained to live with you in your home so they can be a loving and loyal family member as well as being your protector. We train using the most up-to-date, technologically advanced training methods possible to produce the ultimate personal protection dog.

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protection dog home
protection dog home

Are we the right fit for a

Personal Protection dog

A trained protection dog may not be the right fit for everyone and only you and your loved ones can truly determine if a protection dog will be the right fit for you and your household. If you are looking for a loyal and loving new canine member of your family that can also protect your home and everyone in it in any environment, then this might be the best decision you have ever made!

Finding and training the best dogs personal guard dog with the best temperament doesn’t come easy. It takes extensive searching, significant time, and as always, money. We at Prestige Protection Dogs are certain that you will find the safety of your family and home to be well worth the investment

If a highly trained, loyal, and selfless security dog, who will also become an exceptional addition to your family interests you, please feel free to visit our website or contact us today for more information.

Which breeds do we prefer as the best personal protection dogs?

Prestige Protection Dogs Typically use German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds. To find out why and to learn more about each breed click the links below! 




What about


Potential customers can be assured that Prestige Protection Dogs always takes safety seriously.

Our security dogs are vetted in every way possible to ensure that they meet our high standards for excellence and for ideal temperament in various environments and situations. These can include public settings like children’s sports events, public parks, coffee shops or outdoor restaurant areas, taking your dog for a run or bike ride with you or more personal setting of  walking in your neighborhood or answering the door to someone at your home.

If you have kids, keeping them safe is always on your mind. There are many resources out there to guide you and give you information on their health, wellness, and overall safety. But what if you could take that one step further,  Imagine that you are in a park playing with your children and a stranger approaches you. Your trained personal protection dog can assess the situation to determine if there is an impending threat or if any action should be taken. Your dog will present himself in a way that indicates that he will act aggressively if challenged. You will have the ability to call him off if you determine that this is a safe situation.

Not all dogs are selected, but we continue to seek out only the best. We travel to Europe where we have established trusted relationships with breeders. In addition, we breed, raise and train protection dogs here in the United States.

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protection dog training img 22

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