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Prestige Belgian Malinois: Ideal Protection Dogs

About The Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs are ideal for home protection. The Belgian Malinois is not only a very dedicated family dog but they are known for being sharp with a capacity to adapt. This breed of protection dog will keep you and your family safe, and become a loyal companion.

When you think of a police dog, more times than not, your mind will automatically envision a different breed other than  German Shepherd, not a Belgian Malinois. While it might not be a breed you’ve heard of, it is one that’s not only confused for a German shepherd because of its work on the police force, but also for it’s fawn-colored coat and black mask! While it might not be a breed you’ve heard of, it is one that’s not only confused for a German shepherd because of its work on the police force, but also for it’s fawn-colored coat and black mask!

If you’ve never heard of this breed but want to know more, you’ve landed on the right blog because this post covers everything you need to know about Belgian Malinois!

Let’s dive right in, shall we? By the way these Protection Dogs For Sale are a phone-call away- make sure to contact us!

Military bravery of Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois are confident, intelligent and easily trained. Originally from Belgium, this breed is named for the town of Malines.

They are a medium-sized, herding dog that exudes a protective personality making them proficient at police work.

The breed suffered during the post-war years up until the 1960s when Belgian Malinois-lovers worked to replenish the breed in America.

Since then, most of the dogs that work with the Navy SEALS are Belgian Malinois because of their high levels of intelligence and instinct.

In fact, Cairo,the dog that helped SEAL Team 6 take down Osama bin Laden in 2011 was a Belgian Malinois.

Their time in the service dates back all the way to 1911 when the Belgian Malinois served in World War I as messengers. Then, during the outbreak of World War II, the importation of European breeding stock was put to a halt.

Here’s another little fun fact, SEAL dogs in combat are given their own body armor and night-vision goggles!

Let us ask you a question. What would you think if we told you that Belgian Malinois skydive? You probably would think we’re crazy, right?


Well, since we’re talking about their military involvement, it’s worth noting that the Belgian Malinois are commonly picked over German Shepherds for skydiving due to the fact that they are lighter which makes it easier on parachutists to jump with their dog strapped to them. Dogs can even land on their own if they land in water which is safer for the K9!

Now, if you’re looking to add a new member to your family, the Belgian Malinois have great temperament but remember, they are herding dogs so if you have small children, be sure to have a Professional Protection Dog Trainer help pick out a dog with the right temperament for you.

Belgian Malinois Intelligence Factor

Belgian Malinois is a very smart breed and that’s why it’s important to capitalize on this intelligence early on to kick-start the learning process. The AKC or American Kennel Club calls the breed… confident, smart, hardworking. Be careful though, this breed of dog is sensitive to harsh commands. Keep this in mind during the training process and reinforce good behavior with positivity. You can be firm and fair, but steer clear of being aggressive (more on this later).

If you’re looking for a dog that’ll tire out after a quick jaunt around the neighborhood, the Belgian Malinois might not be the breed for you. They require ample amounts of physical activity to offset their high-energy levels and are known to have puppy energy until they’re between three and five years old!

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More than just a pet

Belgian Malinois Make Great Personal Protection Dogs

Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs are great indoor/outdoor dogs and would make the perfect addition to a family or as we mentioned before, the police force! Let’s not forget that this breed can act as a layer of security for your house, too.

Just take famous actress, Eva Mendes for example. In 2011, she looked to her Belgian Malinois, Hugo, to keep her safe after getting a restraining order against a stalker! As we mentioned before, this breed is extremely protective and make excellent guard dogs for a family home!


Since we’ve covered the basics of this breed, we want to switch gears a bit.

If you’re considering a Belgian Malinois but are unsure of how to train them, here are a couple of training tips to get you started.

Remember, this breed has a lot of energy and they respond better to training at a very young age. Early and methodical training can help rid your pup of territorial or aggressive behavior which is a common theme amongst Belgian Malinois that are not properly trained.


Start Training Your Belgian Malinois Early

Belgian Malinois can be great guard dogs but It’s very important, no matter the breed to socialize your dog at a young age. Take your puppy to a variety of places to interact with as many people and pups as possible. This helps make socialization a normal part of life.

Here are a few tips that’ll help socialize your pup correctly:

  • Before taking your pup into a public place, make sure to walk or carry your him/her into the area. This will help ease your dog into social settings where he/she is exposed to new people.
  • Open the doors of your home to friends and family. Having “strangers” in your home will teach your dog that it’s normal for new people to be in the house and that they shouldn’t feel threatened in these instances.

Pay Attention to your Belgian Malinois

Spending quality time with your dog can help develop a strong relationship.

While we’ve said that Belgian Malinois are commonly associated with the military and the police force, this breed is surprisingly affectionate and love spending time with their owners.

That being said, at a young age, you should make it a point to pay attention to your pup and spend quality time with him/her.

Get into the habit of devoting at least 30 minutes of play a day with your pup.

Stay Calm Around your Belgian Malinois Protection Dog

The success of your training is contingent on the relationship that you’ve created with your dog. And, that foundation is created when you stay calm during your training sessions.

As pet parents, we know that training can be high stress. All that we want is our dog to understand our commands. It’s a process, no doubt, and keeping a level head and staying calm can help you and your dog stay the course.

For Belgian Malinois, in particular, it’s important to avoid aggressive training techniques. Instead, use calm, encouraging tone during your training session. This positive encouragement will work wonders for your dog’s behavior.

Now that you have the 4-1-1 on the Belgian Malinois, what do you think? Pretty interesting breed, right?

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