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Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs [Breed Of The Navy SEAL]

Are Belgian Malinois protection dogs right for you? 


If you like the idea of entrusting your safety to the same breed the U.S. Navy SEALs trust—a Malinois protection dog might be the perfect breed for you. The Malinois’ noble strength, agility, and intelligence make it a formidable foe to anyone who would cause you harm. And they’re a prime candidate and one of our favorites for training as elite executive protection dogs and K9 security dogs.


In fact, the breed is so popular for protection and guard work, they’ve been used by the military, the police force, and even famous celebrities. One celebrity, Eva Mendes, uses her spunky Malinois named ‘Hugo’ as her personal protection dog.

Belgian Malinois Guard Dog (Eva Mendes)

Interesting Fact! Eva Mendes calls her Belgian Malinois protection dog, Hugo, her “really sweet attack dog.”

However, the Malinois was first bred in Belgium to herd sheep. So, why is this unassuming sheepdog considered one of the best guard dog breeds in the world? Is the Belgian Malinois really a good guard dog?

Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs: Are They Good Guard Dogs?

Quick Note: The Belgian Malinois is one of the top-tier dogs for protection. Often categorized with German Shepherd protection dogs, Doberman protection dogsRottweiler protection dogsGiant Schnauzer protection dogsDutch Shepherd protection dogs, and Cane Corso protection dogs!

Just because the Belgian Malinois wasn’t originally bred to be a protection dog doesn’t mean it isn’t the perfect dog to protect you. In fact, with protection dog training, the Malinois is one of the breeds most equipped to keep you and your family safe. That’s because:


Belgian Malinois aren’t just herding dogs—they’re working dogs. The Malinois breed is similar to the German Shepherd. They’re extremely smart, high-energy, loyal, and agile. Because of their intelligence, gentle spirit, physical agility, and strength—they have all the qualities necessary to make a perfect protection dog. All they need is the right training.

Interesting Fact! The Belgian Malinois has a strong guarding instinct, which makes them naturally inclined to protect you and your family. However, similar to male Dobermans, they’re especially talented at guarding property when compared to other breeds.

Let’s talk about the traits of Belgian Malinois that make them such great protection dogs.


Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs: Physical Traits

Belgian Malinois Guard Dog 3

You may have actually seen the Belgian Malinois being used by the police force as a ‘K-9’ unit and not even realized it. That’s because the breed is often confused with the German Shepherd. The two breeds have some striking similarities, but don’t be fooled–they’re different.

Interesting Fact! The Belgian Malinois is considered one of the fastest dog breeds and can run at speeds in excess of 45 MPH. That’s almost 15 times the walking speed of most humans!

Belgian Malinois Speed

There’s a reason the military uses the Malinois breed to hunt down terrorists as they try to escape through their ‘fox holes.’ Belgian Malinois are extremely quick and agile, running at speeds in excess of 45 MPH!


If you, your family, or your property are under attack—you can be sure this breed will get to you in a blistering second. Don’t want that thief to get away with your stuff? Your Malinois can run three to four times the average speed of a fleeing human.

Key Takeaways: Belgian Malinois is one of the fastest breeds. They can get to you (or a fleeing criminal) with exceptional speed.

Belgian Malinois Strength

Belgian Malinois Guard Dog 8

It’s important your protection dog can do more than just bark—and with a bite strength of almost 200 PSI, the Belgian Malinois can deliver. One powerful strike from your Malinois and any assailants, burglars, or thieves who thought you, your family, or your property was a good target will quickly regret it.

Interesting Fact! A Belgian Malinois’ bite strength comes in at nearly 200 PSI!

Once a well-trained Malinois sinks their teeth into a perpetrator, they won’t let go until their master tells them to. They’ll use their powerful body to rip and tear flesh, ensuring the attacker causes you no harm—and making sure they can’t get away until the police show up.


Belgian Malinois Size


The Belgian Malinois is considered a large dog breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC). A male Malinois’ shoulders hover over two feet off the ground with their head held proudly above. Males are about 24-26 inches at the withers, while females reach about 22-24 inches.


Belgian Malinois are on the lighter side for protection dog breeds when compared to the German Shepherd and Doberman. Male Malinois have an approximate weight of 60-80 lbs, and females have an average weight of just 40-60.

Interesting Fact: The U.S. military often prefers the Belgian Malinois over the German Shepherd for missions that require insertion from the air (paramilitary action) because they are lighter and easier to maneuver with. Plus, they can even be trained to land all by themselves if there is water. Now, that’s a real Navy SEAL!

Since the Malinois is so often confused with the German Shepherd, let’s paint a brief picture of their appearance so you know the difference.


Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs: Appearance

Belgian Malinois are beautiful, sleek, and graceful in appearance. Their thick, medium-length fur is mahogany or fawn-colored, and they usually have a dark chocolate-colored or black mask around their eyes and on their ears. The thick coat is made of waterproof fur that funnels down into a fairly bushy tail.


The Malinois has dark, kind, alert, and curious eyes that exude energy and playfulness. While they can be fierce when their handlers need them to be, they can also be the sweetest dogs you ever meet. Don’t be fooled by their sweetness or graceful appearance though! The Malinois is an extremely muscular breed with fierce strength and agility.


Here’s a list of distinctive traits you might find in a Belgian Malinois:

  • Square build.
  • Longer legs (when compared to a German Shepherd).
  • Muscular.
  • Bushy tail.
  • Proud shoulders and thick neck.
  • Black mask around head and ears.
  • Fawn and mahogany-colored fur coat.
  • Perky, attentive ears.
  • Soft, sweet, curious eyes.

So, now you know how to identify a Belgian Malinois protection dog by build and appearance. But what about their temperament? Does the Belgian Malinois have the right temperament to be your guard dog—or your family protection dog?


Malinois Protection Dogs: Temperament

Belgian Malinois Guard Dog 4

Do you want a protection dog that’s equally as kind as it is fierce? A dog that will tear into someone to protect you, but is bursting at the seams with energetic affection for you and your family?


If so, a Belgian Malinois might be the perfect protection dog for you. They are known to have some of the highest energy levels of dog breeds due to being bred for work. If you aren’t someone who can handle that, a Belgian Malinois might not be the right guard dog for you.


That’s because the Malinois are more high maintenance than some other dog breeds. They’ll need a lot of walking and exercise, which requires time from you. However, their aptitude for work makes them extremely easy to train. The combination of high-energy and high-intelligence makes them one of the most trainable dogs.


If you’re considering a Belgian Malinois for your protection dog, you’ll need to take into account these temperamental traits:


  • They are high-energy (need a lot of exercise).
  • They’re extremely affectionate to their owners.
  • Malinois are very sweet-natured.
  • They need lots of space to run (but must be securely fenced).
  • They don’t do well alone (prone to separation anxiety).
  • As a working dog, they have endless energy that must be channeled in a healthy manner — which takes time and effort from you as an owner.

Note: Belgian Malinois are known to be good with children. However, they can be rambunctious and somewhat aggressive towards other dogs, so it’s important that they have proper socialization training.

Not a professional dog trainer? Don't worry! All our dogs are fully trained, socialized, and ready to protect you, your property, and your family. No difficult training necessary. We do all the hard work!

If you can handle making sure your Malinois gets the exercise they need—you’ll be rewarded with one of the kindest, most intelligent, and affectionate dog breeds. Their intelligence and guarding instincts paired with proper training can result in an unbreakable bond between you and your protection dog.


With all these incredible traits, it’s no wonder some of the U.S. military’s most elite soldiers go to the Malinois to carry out top-secret missions with them. Interested in learning about some of their exploits overseas? Let’s take a look!


Cairo And SEAL Team 6: Belgian Malinois Takes Down Osama Bin Laden

Belgian Malinois Guard Dog 7

Who could have known the Belgian Malinois (a breed of herding dog from Belgium) would play such a role in military history? Nevertheless, the Belgian Malinois breed has obtained quite a name for itself — even becoming famous for taking down terrorist leaders like Osama Bin Laden in 2011.


Cairo, a Belgian Malinois, was the dog that played a role in the takedown of Osama Bin Laden. After being near-fatally wounded by a gunshot wound in 2009, the Malinois was pulled from retirement just two years later to take down Osama. 


On that night, Cairo went out with his handler, Navy SEAL Will Chesney, in a Blackhawk helicopter—with a mission to take down Bin Laden. When they landed on the desert floor, the courageous Malinois did laps around the compound, searching for explosives. He then cleared the tunnels, making sure there were no surprises for the SEALs.


Chesney and Cairo rushed the building when the perimeter was clear. The Malinois was fearless, showing no signs of hesitancy even after being wounded in action just two years prior. As the two SEALs, one man and one canine, worked their way up into the building — Bin Laden took his last breath.

Interesting Fact: Belgian Malinois are exceptional at detection of explosives and are used by the U.S. military to find IEDs in the battlefield. They’ve saved hundreds of American lives.

Malinois protection dogs have aided the U.S. Navy SEALs in complex military operations and saved the lives of countless soldiers by identifying IEDs (improvised explosive devices). Their outstanding intelligence paired with their speed and agility have helped military operators take down multiple dangerous terrorist leaders.


Another Malinois recently received praise from president Donald Trump. The name of the dog was classified, but Trump tweeted a declassified picture of the dog (seen below) after it took down a highly-wanted ISIS leader in 2019.


Below is a photo of the classified canine that was injured during a successful operation to take down a dangerous ISIS leader:

Belgian Malinois Guard Dog 10 (SEAL Dog)
Image Source: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/military-dog-injured-al-baghdadi-raid/story?id=66592479
"We had nobody even hurt and that's why the dog was so great..."
Donald Trump
45th President of the United States

And here’s a video from ABC News showing just how valiant a Belgian Malinois can be:

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Is A Belgian Malinois A Good Family Protection Dog?

Military exploits aside, are Belgian Malinois guard dogs great as family protection dogs?


The truth is, with proper training, a Malinois can definitely be one of the best family protection dogs. That’s because they are so incredibly affectionate. Their natural sweetness and gentle spirit can make them perfect if you have children.


They aren’t aggressive toward their owners as long as they aren’t abused. If you get a Malinois from us, you can rest assured it will be perfect for both you and your family.


Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs For Sale

Is the Malinois the right protection dog for you and your family?


If you made it to the bottom of this article and didn’t find any deal-breakers, then a Belgian Malinois might be the perfect protection dog for you. So, where do you find fully trained Belgian Malinois dogs for sale?


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