Highly-trained Personal Security & Protection Dogs for Sale in Arizona

Personal protection dogs are taught to protect their handlers and their loved ones in an emergency. On walks or runs with their human partner, dogs are alert for anything that can happen in public places like buses or shopping malls—serving the same purpose, if not better, than traditional firearms used by many people nowadays because they're more accessible. In the case of a parking garage, security personnel should keep an eye out for vehicles near the garage's entrances and those parked in high-risk zones.

With a personal security dog, you can enjoy many advantages. You'll be safe at home, in public, and even on the go with your canine companion! As a result, they're well-equipped to deal with any situation that may arise, from a carjacking attempt to a simple errand with friends, without fear of being mugged on any street.

Personal security dogs are like having an extra pair of eyes and ears at your disposal. It's not enough to keep oneself safe in your own home. Your dog can also watch you while you're out running or strolling with your owner, ensuring that they are aware of any potential dangers (like carjacking). With our protection dogs ready to go at a moment's notice, what happens when parking garage owners put themselves in harm's way by relying on us to protect them from thieving renters? To keep everyone safe, we take care of both the inside of your home and the outside of your property.

Spencer Bowman, our head trainer, won numerous French Ring competitions in France. The French Ring is the most challenging, combining elements of obedience, agility, and protection to test both dogs and their handlers! We have the best security dogs in the world, trained by the best! Our trainers have a long list of accomplishments, and this is only one of them. Please get in touch with us if you're interested in learning more about our available protection dogs.

Note: If you live in Arizona and find protection dogs for sale that meet your demands, we will either carry them on the plane with us or ship them separately in cargo.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Protection Dogs For Sale and Pet Law in Arizona

What are Arizona's dog laws?

A leash law is also in place in Arizona. Any time they are on your land, you must keep them in an enclosed yard. Do not leave your dog chained up in the yard. If you want to take your dog outside of your property, he must be on a leash.

Are you required to register your dog in Arizona?

Licensing your dog each year provides several advantages. It's required by law. As a matter of law, all canines older than three months in Maricopa County must be licensed and vaccinated against rabies.
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