Prestige Protection Dogs Mission

Prestige Protection Dogs mission is simple. We aim to provide Personal Protection Dogs with the highest caliber of quality in the industry. With our protection dog trainers expertise in breeds, obedience training, and protection training we are able to deliver a dog that is best suited for you to feel safe and protected in any environment.

Protection Dog Training Process

We make sure Prestige Protection Dogs are developed early on by our advanced protection dog trainers. By imprinting the right behaviors as soon as possible, a canine learns how to become the perfect companion for humans. The important attitudes and behaviors are instilled into our dogs through some of the following exercises:
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Exposing our personal protection dogs to multiple environments, to become comfortable in varied conditions, including homes, public spaces, vehicles, etc.
Exposure to different types of toys and distractions to build their confidence from an early age.
Building their confidence through dry-building sessions (building their toy drive and prey drive so it’s stronger when they’re older).
Building their food drive.
Building retrieval instincts (fetching).
Sit-and-stays and down-and-stays for determined periods.
Collar and leash response training.
Comfortability with bathing, nail trimming, and other types of grooming.
Exposure to environmental factors (mountains and rugged terrain, slippery floors, etc).
Early work on bite development (as young as 8 weeks) using tugs.
Fed premium food to develop in the most healthy way possible.
Exposure to children from an early age to develop family comfortability.
Survival games that prepare a dog for life-or-death situations.
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Certified Protection Dog Trainers

Our personal protection dog trainers are certified decoys in French and Mondio Ringsport.

This discipline involves strict standards of jumping, obedience, bite work and complex protection-related tasks. Trainers must adhere to tight guidelines of reliability, control, and mastering the most challenging situations imaginable This creates trainers with a desire for nothing less than perfection.

All of our dogs go through a rigorous process of obedience training to ensure that they have the ability to execute in any environment, and can perform reliably both on and-off-leash.

Our trained protection dogs are tested in every possible environment, and proofed. The end result is a world-class Protection dog that will fulfill all of your expectations, integrate excellently into your house, and most importantly work great with your family.

We take the time to tailor each dog’s training to fit your lifestyle. In order to do this, the entire training regiment for your dog can take a few months, which also depends on if we have the right dog available immediately, or if we have to locate one first.

We’ll ensure that the dog provided to you is the best possible match to meet your needs, preferences and wishes. Each dog is fully health–tested.

Spencer Bowman

Owner / Head Trainer

Spencer Bowman is a well-established business owner, breeder, obedience trainer, and protection dog trainer. Over the last twelve years he has perfected his craft and continues to grow his list of accomplishments. He is the proud owner of Prestige K9 and Prestige Protection Dogs

French Ring Protection Sport

  • He is the only American to date to qualify for the French selectives with a self-bred and trained dog (Lycan).
  • He qualified for the French selectives with an average score of 374/400 out of 5 trials.
  • He has trained and assisted numerous teams in Mondio and French ring.

Protection Sport Accomplishments

Trainer for the following dogs

  • 2017 NARA French Ring 3 Cup Vice Champions
  • 2017 NARA French Ring 1 National Champion
  • 2017 NARA French Ring 1 Cup Vice Champion
  • 2017 NARA French Ring 3 Western Regional Champion
  • 2017 NARA French Ring 1 Western Regional Vice Champion
  • 2017 NARA French Ring 1 Western Regional 3rd Place
  • 2016 NARA French Ring 2 Vice Champion
  • 2016 NARA French Ring 2 Cup Vice Champion
  • 2015 NARA French Ring 2 Western Regional Champion
  • 2015 NARA French Ring 2 Champion

Personal Dogs

Lycan du Chenil de Prestige French Ring Level 3

  • Qualified for 2020 french selectives in France - First american bred dog
  • 2019 French Ring Regional Vice Champion(in France)
  • 2021 NARA French Ring 3 Western Regional Champion
  • 2021 NARA French Ring 3 Vice Champion
  • 2022 NARA French Ring 3 Eastern Regional Champion
  • 2022 NARA French Ring 3 Champion
  • 2022 NARA French Ring 3 Domestic Champion
  • 2022 NARA French Ring 3 Cup Champion

Firerox du Mas Des Crozes "Wallace" French Ring Level 2

  • 2013 NARA French Ring 1 Western Regional Champion

Hornet du Nord Cotentin- French Ring level 2

  • 2015 NARA French Ring 1 Vice Champion

As we mentioned before he is the owner of Prestige K9 -one of the top pet dog training companies in the USA. Over the last decade the business has grown substantially and is currently in multiple states. We employ the highest quality trainers to help us reach our mission of providing well balanced training to the best clients we could ask for. From puppy and obedience training to aggression and reactivity- we cover a wide range of training needs!

Breeding for him started as a passion project to breed only to produce Belgian Malinois for highly qualified sport and protection training. Today he continues to do so with males and females who are proven to be the highest caliber of dogs.

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Decoy work
Spencer Has been a certified French Ring and Mondio decoy. He has also worked as a level two certified mondio ring decoy and during that time he was One of the decoys for the Mondioring national championships

Spencer has had the pleasure of hosting seminars in various states to help handlers in both French ring, Mondio ring, and protection Work.

Spencer is very sought after in the United states for dog training seminars. He gives seminars all over the country including many seminars in Minnesota, Oregon, DC, Texas, Michigan, Washington and California.

Spencer is considered one of the top trainers in the country for protection and obedience.

About Prestige Protection Dogs

We strive to deliver the highest quality personal protection dogs for sale in the industry. With our protection dog trainers' knowledge of breeds, obedience training, and protection training, we can provide you with a dog that will make you feel safe and secure in any circumstance.

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