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It is our mission to provide personal protection dogs for sale with the highest caliber of quality in the field of protection dog training.

We take pride in covering all aspects of protective services, from traveling across the world to countries like Chile to assist clients with home and estate protection, to providing guard dogs that are trained at the greatest level to compete in protection dog sports, where our dogs have placed at the regional and national levels.

We provide tailored guard dogs to fit a client’s needs. For Family Protection Dogs and Personal Protection Dogs, a dog under our care who masters protective training is designed to protect your family at all costs, while remaining a perfect fit for you and your family.

Dogs entering fields of professional sport are ensured high-standards of obedience and reliability to give the competitive edge. Altogether, it is our aim to provide the best trained dogs in the world.

Further, provided with our protection dog service we offer  delivery services, a week of preparatory training, lifetime phone / e-mail consultations, and follow-ups at your residence to assist you at anytime. 

We are located in beautiful Seattle where the terrain is perfect for training Personal Protection Dogs, Family Protection Dogs, and Estate Protection Dogs.

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Protection Dogs Trained Correctly From The Start

We make sure our protection dogs are developed early on by our advanced trainers.

By imprinting the right behaviors as soon as possible, a canine learns how to become the perfect companion for humans. 

The important attitudes and behaviors are instilled into our dogs through some of the following daily exercises:

  • Exposing our  personal protection dogs to multiple environments, to become comfortable in varied conditions, including homes, public spaces, vehicles, etc. 

  • Exposure to different types of toys and distractions to build their confidence from an early age.

  • Building their confidence through dry-building sessions (building their toy drive and prey drive so it’s stronger when they’re older). 

  • Building their food drive.

  • Building retrieval instincts (fetching).

  • Sit-and-stays and down-and-stays for determined periods.

  • Collar and leash response training.

  • Comfortability with bathing, nail trimming, and other types of grooming.

  • Exposure to environmental factors (mountains and rugged terrain, slippery floors, etc).

  • Early work on bite development (as young as 8 weeks) using tugs.

  • Fed premium food to develop in the most healthy way possible.

  • Exposure to children from an early age to develop family comfortability.

  • Survival games that prepare a dog for life-or-death situations.

As the dog develops, more advanced protection and obedience training is implemented to create the perfect family protection dog. 

Our philosophy is to make the training fun for the dog. The training involves creating an active lifestyle which our breeds love anyway. By maintaining this attitude of enjoyment, it brings out the best in our canines.

The end result of our early-imprinting philosophy is a dog that is more well-trained, obedient and acclimated than any other dog that you could expect to find anywhere.

Protection Dogs Trained By Certified Trainers

Our personal protection dog trainers are certified decoys in French and Mondio Ringsport.

This discipline involves strict standards of jumping, obedience, bite work and complex protection-related tasks. Trainers must adhere to tight guidelines of reliability, control, and mastering the most challenging situations imaginable  This creates trainers with a desire for nothing less than perfection.

All of our dogs go through a rigorous process of obedience training to ensure that they have the ability to execute in any environment, and can perform reliably both on and-off-leash.

Our trained protection dogs are tested in every possible environment, and proofed. The end result is a world-class Protection dog that will fulfill all of your expectations, integrate excellently into your house, and most importantly work great with your family. 

We take the time to tailor each dog’s training to fit your lifestyle. In order to do this, the entire training regiment for your dog can take a few months, which also depends on if we have the right dog available immediately, or if we have to locate one first.

We’ll ensure that the dog provided to you is the best possible match to meet your needs, preferences and wishes. Each dog is fully health-tested 

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Family Protection Dogs- The Gift of Knowing Your Family Is Safe

Discover the difference created by owning a dog that will provide peace of mind for you and your family, with the ability to protect your children as well as anyone else, while also integrating as a loyal and loving member of your family.

Through integrative training with real-life scenarios, our dogs learn how to be aware of new and unexpected situations, how to react accordingly with the desire to protect and defend, while at the same time knowing how to remain sociable, relaxed and friendly.

This means a dog that is good with people and easy to get along with, but at the same time aware of its surroundings with an ability to engage its protective training at a moment’s notice if necessary. Your dog will be in full control of knowing when to switch between being relaxed and sociable, and ready to protect.

We understand the importance of lifestyle integration. This is why we ensure that we understand all of the behaviors present in your future canine before the adoption takes place.

Ordinarily, a dog arriving into a new home may produce unexpected results as the owner may not be familiar with the dog’s habits, and the dog may not be compatible in the new environment after-all. This is the reason for many of the issues that new owners report.

To prevent this, we choose not to leave anything up to chance. We’ve already lived with and worked closely with your future dog for months. We understand ahead of time the dog’s unique personality traits, and its ability to integrate into a new home and with your family.

You’ll be provided personal consultation about your dog’s specific behaviors well in-advance. 

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We Deliver Our Protection Dogs

We offer delivery services for all of our Protection dogs, which includes a week of training to teach you how to handle your new dog. This also includes our offer of lifetime phone/email support, and follow-ups where we can come to assist you at anytime.

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