Loyal and Obedient Fully Trained Personal Protection Dogs

Family Protection Dog For Sale-German Shepherd

Personal Protection Dogs For Sale

Feel secure that you have a first-line of defense against potential home-invaders. Our protection dogs are trained to keep Your house safe and secure and can even do home searches.

Personal Protection Dogs for sale

Family Protection Dogs For Sale

Our Family Protection Dogs are fully trained and socialized to ensure an easy transition into your home and your family!

Belgian Malinois Personal Protection Dog

Guard Dogs For Sale

We Also offer Guard Dogs for sale that aren’t as fully trained as our personal protection dogs but are a good budget friendly option for people who just want a dog more as a deterrent.

Professionally Trained Personal Protection Dogs for You, Your Property or Your Family

Prestige Protection Dogs is the worlds leader in Personal Protection Dog Sales. Our Protection dogs are hand selected and trained by the best trainers in the industry! Safety and Security for you and your family is our #1 priority while also ensuring our protection dogs are great every day obedient dogs, and confident in all situations! All of our protection dogs that we sell are social with people, kids and dogs and are trained to only react when there is a real threat. We offer German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois protection dogs only from the best breeders and kennels in the world. In Today’s World safety and security is not something you want to neglect and having your own highly trained personal protection dog for you, your family or your property is an added level of protection that everyone should have.

Family and Estate Protection Dogs We delivered to Santiago Chile

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